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Programming for Sunday, November 28, 2021

new encore premiere finale movie or special live local
Network 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
ABC Abc.gif The Wonderful World of Disney
Magical Holiday Celebration
The Great Christmas Light Fight
Episode 901 (season)
The Great Christmas Light Fight
Episode 902
CBS Cbs.gif 60 Minutes
Hazing/Saving the Mountain Gorilla/Rita Moreno
One Last Time
An Evening with Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
The Equalizer
When Worlds Collide (mid-season)
Forever Young
Searching for the Fountain of Youth
The CW Thecw.gif The Waltons' Homecoming
FOX Fox.png NFL football
Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers (4:25)
The OT The Simpsons
Mothers and Other Strangers
The Great North
From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure
Bob's Burgers
FOMO You Didn't
Family Guy
The Fatman Always Rings Twice
NBC Nbc.gif Football Night in America Sunday Night Football
Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (8:20)
AMC Amc.gif Armageddon (4:22) Fear the Walking Dead
Reclamation (7:52)
Fear the Walking Dead
The Portrait (linear)
The Walking Dead
World Beyond

Death and the Dead (linear)
BBC America Bbcamerica.gif Terminator 2
Judgment Day (5:00)
Doctor Who
Chapter Five
Survivors of the Flux
Terminator 2
Judgment Day (9:12)
Epix Epix.png Star Trek Into Darkness (6:45) Condor
Out of His Exile
Out of His Exile
HBO Hbo.gif Taken 2 (7:14) Succession
Too Much Birthday
Tired, Okay?! (10:01)
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Man Fights Tiny Woman
Paramount Paramount.png Yellowstone
Winning or Learning
Under a Blanket of Red
Under a Blanket of Red
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Showtime Sho.gif Dexter: New Blood
Smoke Signals
The Taliban's Terror Problem & Citizen's Arrest
The Taliban's Terror Problem & Citizen's Arrest
Dexter: New Blood
H Is for Hero
The Dollhouse
Starz Starz.png Power Book II

Free Will Is Never Free (6:54)
Power Book II

Selfless Acts?
Behind Every Skirt is a Slip
Power Book II

Selfless Acts? (10:01)

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