Barbara Blank

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Barbara Blank
Birth name Barbara Blank
Born 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida ; Resides in Louisville, Kentucky
Notable Roles ECW, WWE Raw, Friday Night Smackdown
Notable Episodes June 13, 2006 ECW on Sci Fi: Debut of Kelly Kelly's Expose



Wrestler: Kelly Kelly

Real Name: Barbara Blank

Birthday: January 15, 1987

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Moved to Louisville, Kentucky

Height & Weight: 5'5" - 108 lbs

Trained by: OVW Training

Debut: June 13, 2006 (ECW)

Previous Gimmicks: Kind Girl (Modeling)

Barbie Blank

Finishing Move: K2 (Leg drop Bulldog)

Favorite Moves: Diving crossbody


Kelly Killer (Handspring back elbow smash)

Leapfrog into an overhead kick

Rope-aided backflip into an arm drag

Slingshot sunset flip

Single-footed backflip evasion

Springboard arm drag

Tilt-a-whirl spinning headscissors takedown

Victory roll

Notable Feuds: Francine

Mike Knox

The Miz



Starring Roles

ECW - as "Kelly Kelly"

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Specials and Made-for-TV Movies

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