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Dr. Remy Hadley
House, M.D.
Actor Olivia Wilde
First Appearance 4x02 - The Right Stuff
Series Billing Recurring: 4x02 - 4x09
Billed: 4x10 -
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Basic Information

The name Thirteen comes from when House allocated all of the applicant with numbers instead of getting to know their names. Throughout her time on House MD she has refused to give her name and chosen to go with Thirteen. In recent episodes, people have been seen to call her Dr Hadley. Lots of websites have speculated that her first name is 'Remy', other times 'Rena' and once 'Rema'. Although the Fox website once confirmed her first name was 'Rena' it was soon switched back to 'Remy' most likely because of the discovery that the name 'Remy Hadley' is visible on a slip of paper in the season four episode Whatever it Takes

Character History

Thirteen is a very Mysterious person, refusing to give details of her private life. If her privacy is threatened she will often become agitated. At the beginning of the 4th series, nothing was known about her, not even her name, but as the series progressed more and more information was revealed about her, e.g. Her mother dying of Huntington's and she may be a carrier of the gene.

House often tries to guess information about Thirteen, often presuming that she is the Daughter of an Alcoholic father in which she replies; Wrong again. Due to not knowing information about her, Foreman made an assumption as to her being Bisexual, in which she neither confirmed nor denied this. House often made remarks about her sexual orientation e.g. You do it both ways right?... The ultrasound that is and in series 5 when a patient tried an unknown drug, House allocated Thirteen the name of Bisexadril in which was a fictional drug he gave a name for - for the time being.

In series 5 Episode 5 in which is Entitled Lucky Thirteen - It is revealed that Thirteen is indeed Bisexual having numerous one night stands with women. In this episode, we get a better look into her personal life, and it is shown that she has Asthma. House fires Thirteen in this episode because Cuddy finds her using IV fluids to combat her hangover, the reason he fires her is because she missed a differential due to being up all night drinking Alcohol and using recreational drugs. In the end of the episode, House re-hires her. Also in this episode we see Thirteen fall into a downwards spiral of self destruction because of her Huntington's diagnosis.

Memorable Moments


Has confirmed that she is bisexual

Real name on hospital name-tag has been covered and replaced with '13'.

Mother died after a long battle with huntingtons corea, and had a 50/50 chance of having it as well due to genetics.

Hates giving away personal information about herself.


Dr. Eric Foreman: People who have a problem with boxes are people who don't fit in them.
Thirteen: You've been working for House a long time.
Dr. Eric Foreman: No need for name calling.
Thirteen: I think I've dated that nurse... No.
Thirteen: Yeah, I’ve been here for eight weeks ‘cause my subscription to Masochism Weekly ran out.