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Founded February 2, 1999
Company ViacomCBS through MTV Networks
Notable Series Dora the Explorer
Former Names Noggin (1999-2009)

This article is about the TV network, for the 1988-2009 television block, see Nick Jr. (block).

Nick Jr. is a 24-hour preschoolers-oriented basic cable network that premiered, as Noggin, on February 2, 1999. On September 28, 2009, the name was changed from Noggin to Nick Jr. (that name had also been the name of Nickelodeon's weekdays morning television block between January 1988 and February 2009.)


As Noggin

Noggin logo.png

The Noggin channel started as a joint venture between Viacom and the Children's Television Workshop (who would soon sell their stake to Viacom. Noggin featured programming for preschoolers; original programming as well as reruns from the Nick Jr. programming block on mother-channel Nickelodeon.

From 2002, Noggin, airing from 6.00AM to 6.00PM, shared time and space channel with the The N, a primetime/late night channel targeting viewers aged 12-24. This arrangement continued until December 31, 2007 when The N would move to its own channel space and Noggin reclaimed the nighttime hours.

As Nick Jr.

On September 28, 2009, following an announcement in February that year, Noggin was re-branded Nick Jr., and became a 24/7 channel.