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Tbs logo.jpg
Founded December 17, 1976
President Kevin Reilly
Company WarnerMedia
through WarnerMedia Entertainment
Notable Series Conan
American Dad

TBS is an American basic cable television network, focusing on both second-run and original sitcoms and other comedy series. It serves as an important part of WarnerMedia Entertainment, WarnerMedia's cable television subsidiary.



The channel started in 1967 as local Atlanta station WJRJ-TV on channel 17, owned by Rice Communications. In 1970 it was given the callsign WTCG, owned by the Turner Communications Group (TCG). The station became the nation's first superstation in 1976. Despite nationwide status, there were still plenty of local Atlanta spots for places like diners and used car lots. The Turner Communications Group became the Turner Broadcasting System in 1979, changing the callsign of channel 17 to WTBS.

For the longest time, TBS was in a state of identity crisis. In the 1990s, there were programs on TBS ranging from kids' shows, to comedy, to drama, to feature length movies, to sports, to even niche programming. Sometimes one genre would outweigh another heavily. As Cartoon Network began to thrive, kids' shows were slowly moved off the other Turner networks. This was also due to the increased regulations of the FCC's kidvid laws. When the new millennium came, sister network TNT flipped formats to all drama. The only logical move would be for TBS to flip to a comedy network. In 2005, TBS dropped its superstation name, and adopted the slogan "Very Funny." Time Warner bought all Turner properties in 1996.

WTBS was on locally in Atlanta on digital channel 20 (virtual 17), broadcasting in HDTV (1080i), until October 1, 2007, when the channel was rebranded as Peachtree TV, changing the callsign to WPCH-TV. While Time Warner still owned the station and Turner its license, WPCH-TV is operated under a local marketing agreement, by the Meredith Corporation since early 2011. In April 2017, Time Warner sold WPCH outright to Meredith to avoid a review by the FCC over their pending merger with AT&T. On March 4, 2019, AT&T dissolved Turner Broadcasting System and transferred the TBS channel to the newly-formed WarnerMedia Entertainment.


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