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Andy Moffett Stickle
The Facts of Life
Actor Mackenzie Astin
First Appearance 6x14 - Me and Eleanor
Last Appearance 9x23 - The Beginning of the End (1)
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 65

Andy Moffett is a character on The Facts of Life. He is portrayed by Mackenzie Astin.


Character History

Andy Moffet first appears in January 1985 to look for work in Edna's Edibles and he lands a job as a errand boy for Mrs. Garrett. Andy is full of ingenious ways to make money for the business and to get girls. He develops crushes on most of the girls in the cast, but is accepted as a little brother to them. It is also revealed that Andy was a foster child later on in the show. He remains an errand boy after Edna's Edibles burns down and is rebuilt and turned into a new shop, Over Our Heads in the next season.

In 1986, Andy looks to Beverly Ann, Mrs. Garrett's sister, as a mother figure, and the next year, she becomes his adoptive mother when his foster parents get divorced. He gains an adopted sister when Pippa McKenna comes to Peekskill from her native Australia to attend Eastland School as an exchange student in the final season. They both end up getting their own bedrooms when Beverly Ann, after consulting with her sister and the girls, closes Over Our Heads down and the retail space is renovated into two new bedrooms. Andy begins hanging out at the local community center and meets up with Big Brother type Rick Bonner, who later becomes Jo's husband.

At the end of the series, he and Pippa attend Eastland School, which is newly purchased by Blair and made co-ed to keep it from closing.

Memorable Moments