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Kim Bauer
24-Kim Bauer.jpg
Actor Elisha Cuthbert
First Appearance 1x01
Last Appearance
Series Billing Billed for first 3 seasons, Guest in Season 5.
Episode Count 72
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Kim Bauer is the daughter of Jack Bauer. She started out as a high-school student in Season one, and in Season Two she was working as a live-in babysitter for a man who turned out to be an angry and abusive father. During Season 3, she briefly used to work at CTU Los Angeles, but left to live with her boyfriend Chase Edmunds at the end of Season 3.

Character History

Season One

What Kim thought was a night out partying with a friend turned into a nightmare as she was kidapped (repeatedly).

Season Two

Kim tries to protect the little girl Megan Matheson who she is babysitting, then upon learning of the terrorist threat, attempts to flee Los Angeles with Megan in tow.

Season Three

Kim is working as a junior analyst in CTU and has been dating a field agent Chase Edmunds for several months when the events of this day begin.

Season Four

Kim did not appear at all in Season Four.

Season Five

Kim returns briefly in day 5 when she learns that her father is alive. The situation is somewhat tense as Kim is angry at Jack for not calling her the entire time that she thought he was dead. It is somewhat further inflamed that she is dating (an older) psychiatrist whom Jack doesn't particularly like. They are caught up in a situation when CTU is attacked by terrorist and this leads to some measure of resolution between her and her father before she leaves.

Memorable Moments


Kill Count

Season Confirmed Kill Count
1 0
2 1
3 1
4 -