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Premiere August 28, 1979
Finale March 21, 1981
Creator Rick Rosner
Network ABC
Style 60-minute drama
Company Rosner Television
Filmways Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 16
Origin USA

240-Robert is a drama that aired on ABC.

The series chronicles the missions of "240-Robert", a specialized unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), that utilized four wheel drive vehicles and a helicopter. Most of the assignments were sea/air/land search and rescue operations in the extensive (over 4,000 sq mi (10,000 km2) jurisdiction. The show's creator was Rick Rosner (himself an LASD reserve deputy), who created the hit series CHiPs two years earlier for NBC.

The vehicles used at that time were 1979 Ford Broncos, while the helicopter was a Hughes brand, Model HA-500C (similar in design to the current MD 500).

The series was based on real life cases encountered by the LASD's Emergency Services Detail. The real life ESD is actually headquartered in East Los Angeles. Rick Rosner took artistic liberty and portrayed the headquarters as a beach-side station. The actual filming location was at a State of California ranger station located at Sycamore Cove in Ventura County, California.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
John Bennett Perry Deputy Theodore Roosevelt "TRAP" Applegate III 1 2
Mark Harmon Deputy Dwayne "Thib" Thibideaux 1
Joanna Cassidy Deputy Morgan Wainwright 1
Stephen W. Burns Deputy Brett Cueva 2
Pamela Hensley Deputy Sandy Harper 2
Thomas Babson Deputy Terry Caster 1
Jeffrey Bannister Deputy Price 1 2
Margie Foster Kam Francis 2
Jeff Galucci Deputy DeVito 1 2
Taylor Lacher Captain Berman 2
René Le Vant Deputy Hamilton 2
Joe Nicassio Deputy Gary Roverino 1
Peter J. Pitchess Sheriff 1 2
Lew Saunders Deputy C.B. Harris 1
Steve Tannen Deputy Frank Kestenbaum 1 2
Jay Varela Lt. Vetter 1
Brant von Hoffman Deputy Bottendott 2


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One August 28, 1979 December 3, 1979 13
Season Two March 7, 1981 March 21, 1981 3


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