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Season two of American Horror Story centers around Briarcliff Manor, a Catholic sanatorium, its staff and inmates, in the year of 1964, eventually leading up to the present day. This page lists all characters appearing in at least two episodes, as well as every non-recurring inmate and staff member.

The characters are listed by number of appearances, including all 13 episodes of the season.


Total tally

Including all Briarcliff staff and inmates on the show, and every other recurring characters.

49 characters
26 alive
22 deceased
1 supernatural


Including the identified staff of the Briarcliff Manor sanatorium.

18 characters
11 alive
7 deceased

Character Actor # Position
Jude Martin Jessica Lange 13 Nun
Oliver Thredson Zachary Quinto 12 Psychiatrist
Arthur Arden James Cromwell 10 Physician
Mary Eunice McKee Lily Rabe 10 Nun
Timothy Howard Joseph Fiennes 10 Monsignor
Frank McCann Fredric Lehne 7 Guard
Carl Mark Engelhardt 5 Guard
Nurse Blackwell Jennifer Holland 2 Nurse
Nurse Hicks Mary-Pat Green 2 Nurse
Father James Kasey Mahaffy 2 Priest
Jorge Mark Espinoza 2 Guard
Nurse Braxton Syd Strittmatter 1 Nurse
Miranda Crump Robin Bartlett 1 Administrator in 1968
Nurse Fuller Erin Allin O'Reilly 1 Nurse
Sister Colette Tacey Adams 1 Nun
Sister Felicity Lily Knight 1 Nun
Walter Henry Watkins 1 Guard
Unnamed nurse Emily Johnson 1 Nurse


Including the identified inmates of the Briarcliff Manor sanatorium.

18 characters
8 alive
10 deceased

Character Actor #
Kit Walker Evan Peters 13
Lana Winters Sarah Paulson 13
Grace Bertrand Lizzie Brocheré 11
Pepper Naomi Grossman 7
Alma Walker Britne Oldford 6
Shelley Chloë Sevigny 6
Spivey Mark Consuelos 4
The Mexican Gloria Laino 4
Daniel Casey Wyman 3
Charlotte Brown Franka Potente 2
Leigh Emerson Ian McShane 2
Jed Potter Devon Graye 1
Jenny Reynolds Nikki Hahn 1
Battle-Axe Lynn Ann Leveridge 1
Miles Tongayi Chirisa 1
Rudy John Lee Ames 1
Willie Henry G. Sanders 1
Unnamed patient Ezra Buzzington 1

Associated characters

Including recurring characters not serving nor institutionalized at Briarcliff.

10 characters
7 alive
2 deceased
1 supernatural

Character Actor # Connection
Mother Claudia Barbara Tarbuck 5 Mother Superior
Shachath Frances Conroy 5 The Angel of Death
Wendy Peyser Clea Duvall 4 Girlfriend of Lana
Detective Byers Matthew John Armstrong 3 Police detective
Detective Connors Joel McKinnon Miller 3 Police detective
Sam Goodman Mark Margolis 3 Friend of Sister Jude
Billy Marshall Joe Egender 2 Acquaintance of Kit
Barb Jennifer Holloway 2 Friend of Lana
Lois Vanessa Mizzone 2 Friend of Lana
Neo-Natal Nurse Meg Wolf 2 Nurse of Lana

Present day characters

Including recurring characters appearing in the 2012 storyline.

3 characters
0 alive
3 deceased

Character Actor #
Johnny Morgan Dylan McDermott 5 (uncredited)
Teresa Morrison Jenna Dewan Tatum 4
Leo Morrison Adam Levine 3