American Morning

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American Morning
Premiere September 12, 2001
Finale December 30, 2011
Host see below
Network/Provider CNN
Style 4-hour news
Company Time Warner
Origin USA

American Morning is a morning news program that aired on CNN.



Person   Duration
Main Cast
Paula Zahn   2001-2003
Jack Cafferty   2001-2005
Anderson Cooper   2001-2002
Bill Hemmer   2002-2005
Heidi Collins   2003-2005
Daryn Kagan   2002-2003
Soledad O'Brien   2003-2007
Miles O'Brien   2005-2007
Carol Costello   2005-2006, 2011
Kiran Chetry   2007-2011
John Roberts   2007-2011
Ali Velshi   2011
Christine Romans   2011
Alina Cho   2011
Deborah Feyerick   2011


  • Minding Your Business: Corporate and technological developments
  • Welcome to the Future: Social developments
  • A.M. Pop: Popular culture
  • 30/40/50: Health and fitness for adults
  • Life After Work: Retiree profiles
  • Security Watch: National security issues


DVD Releases

There are no DVD releases for this show.

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