Amor Mío

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Amor Mío
Amor Mío logo.jpg
Premiere March 9, 2005
Finale December 6, 2005
Network/Provider El Canal de las Estrellas
Style 30-minute romantic comedy/drama
Company Televisa
Seasons 1
Episodes 160
Origin Argentina

Amor Mío is a romantic comedy/drama that aired on El Canal de las Estrellas. Its premise is that two roommates, April and Marcos, have parents who are married to each other. The two knew each other well growing up but had both gone their own ways in the years since, with Marcos joining the military and April moving to the United States. They were brought back together after their married parents died in an automobile accident.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Raúl Araiza Marcos
Vanessa Guzmán Abril
Rosa Ma. Bianchi Maggie
Uberto Bondoni Santiago
Verónica Jaspeado Vera
Ricardo Fastlitch Felipe
Thaily Amezcua Betty


Season  Premiere Finale #
El Canal de las Estrellas
Season One March 9, 2005 December 6, 2005 160


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