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Andy Richter Controls the Universe/Grief Counselor

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Grief Counselor
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate March 26, 2002
Production Number 004
Written by Michael A. Ross
Directed by Andy Ackerman
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Little Andy in Charge
Andy Richter Controls the UniverseSeason One

Grief Counselor is the second episode of the first season of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

Starring: Andy Richter (Andy Richter), Paget Brewster (Jessica Green), Irene Molloy (Wendy McCay), Jonathan Slavin (Byron Togler), James Patrick Stuart (Keith Richards)

Guest Starring: Charlie Finn (Teak), Sean Gunn (Phil), John Bliss (Mr. Pickering), Amy Hill (Sylvia)

Co-Starring: Paul Hayes (Bob), George Anthony Bell (Charlie), Billy West (P.A. Voice Over)


Plot Overview

On a Monday morning, Andy comes into work hoping to impress Wendy, even though she's dating his best friend Keith, but instead he manages to embarrass himself before discovering a strange smell. The smell turns out to be a coworker, Charlie, who had a heart attack and died the previous Friday.

Keith is upset because Charlie was doing most of Keith's work, leaving Keith with a lot to do. While Keith is busy with his own work, Andy and Wendy start spending a lot of time together. Andy starts to get confused as to whether she's just being friendly or if she's interested in him romantically.

Byron, too, is upset, fearing that he may have caused Charlie's death by sharing some fattening foods with him. Jessica informs the staff that the company will require them to visit a grief counselor to deal with the loss, and she tries to ease Byron's fears by letting him know that she yelled at Charlie shortly before he died. Byron decides that Jessica killed Charlie, so he feels much better (but Jessica is now upset), and he looks forward to unloading his (somewhat disturbing) baggage on the grief counselor. When the grief counselor committs suicide after Byron's visit, he and Jessica both become grief stricken, each feeling responsible for a death.

At Charlie's funeral, Andy confronts Byron and Jessica, wondering why they think their words can kill people. Andy and Wendy go back to his apartment, where they kiss, before realizing that it's wrong while she's with Keith.


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