Andy Richter Controls the Universe/Second Episode

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Second Episode
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate April 9, 2002
Production Number 002
Written by Victor Fresco
Directed by Andy Ackerman
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Gimme a C
Andy Richter Controls the UniverseSeason One

Second Episode is the fourth episode of the first season of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

Starring: Andy Richter (Andy Richter), Paget Brewster (Jessica Green), Irene Molloy (Wendy McCay), Jonathan Slavin (Byron Togler), James Patrick Stuart (Keith Richards)

Guest Starring: Charlie Finn (Teak), John Bliss (Mr. Pickering), Sean Gunn (Phil)

Co-Starring: Cedric Yarbrough (Other Andy), Paul Hayes (Bob), Paul Hansen Kim (Frat Guy), Phil Hendrie (Kangaroo Voice Over)


Plot Overview

When he goes to work, Andy finds yet another new person in his tiny office. To make matters worse, the new guy's name is Andy. The staff gives Andy Richter the nickname "Big Andy" to avoid confusion, which he feels is a comment about his weight. Unable to get either his nickname or office space problem fixed, Andy feels unappreciated.

At home, he feels plenty appreciated, since two recent college graduates, Teak and Phil, have just moved in next door. They were in Andy's old frat, and his exploits in college were legendary. So he skips work one day to spend time with Teak and Phil, and make his coworkers realize how much they'd miss him if he were gone. To his surprise, no one even noticed he was missing. This makes matters even worse, so he threatens to quit his job.

His friends come to try to talk him out of it, but Andy's determined to shun them in favor of his adoring frat buddies. When he agrees to recreate one of his college stunts, things get dangerous, as Andy finds himself in a boxing ring facing a Kangaroo. A few vicious kicks to the testicles later, he longs for the safety of office life, and when he returns he finds that his friends have teamed up to find a way to move the new Andy elsewhere.


Arc Advancement




The Show

  • As the title indicates, even though it aired fourth, this was intended to be the second episode. When Andy complains about the new guy in his office, Jessica replies, "weren't you just in here last week complaining about the same thing," a reference to the pilot.

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