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For a list of anthology shows, see the anthology category.

Anthology is a genre of TV show which was immensely popular during the Golden Age of Television. Although it would become greatly reduced from the 1960s on (notable exceptions such as Masterpiece Theatre aside), anthologies are series in which each episode is an original stand alone story with no continuity between episodes. In the classic anthologies each episode was also a live production. The classic anthology series were written and directed by such notable names as Rod Serling, Paddy Chayefsky and Alfred Hitchcock. Examples of classic anthology series include Playhouse 90, Kraft Television Theatre and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Because of the quality of the anthology show productions, many episodes of anthology shows were later turned into films, such as the 1955 Oscar winner for Best Picture Marty (originally The Philco Television Playhouse episode 5x23) and the 1962 Best Actress (Anne Bancroft) and Best Supporting Actress (Patty Duke) winner The Miracle Worker (originally Playhouse 90 episode 1x19). Other episodes became stage plays—such as Serling's Requiem for a Heavyweight (Playhouse 90 1x02). The anthology series even boast the first screen appearance of James Bond, in Climax! episode 1x03 - Casino Royale, an adaptation of author Ian Fleming's first Bond novel.

American Horror Story is an example of a modern anthology series. Each season of American Horror Story is self-contained and actors portray different characters in each season.