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Season One
Season Premiere May 28, 2015
Season Finale August 22, 2015
Episode Count 13



Season Two

Season One of Aquarius premiered on May 28, 2015. The entire season was released on and Hulu before the initial air date.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Everybody's Been Burned John McNamara Jonas Pate May 28, 2015 5.673M 1.1%
LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak and undercover officer Brian Shafe begin the search for a missing teenage girl, Emma Karn, who has fallen under the spell of infamous cult leader Charles Manson.
2 2 The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game John McNamara Jonas Pate May 28, 2015 5.673M 1.1%
Hodiak and Shafe investigate a complicated murder case amidst rising racial tensions. Meanwhile, Manson forces Emma's father, Ken Karn, to introduce him to an executive in the music business.
3 3 Never Say Never to Always Alexandra Cunningham Nelson McCormick June 4, 2015 3.904M 0.7%
Drug dealer Art Gladner is found murdered, and the chief suspect is Shafe's snitch, Mike Vickery. Hodiak agrees to help Shafe exonerate Vickery. In exchange, Shafe takes rookie Charmain Tully undercover into the Manson Family to find out where Manson has Emma. They succeed, but not without consequences, especially for Charmain.
4 4 Home Is Where You're Happy Sera Gamble Michael Zinberg June 11, 2015 3.743M 0.8%
Hodiak investigates Art Gladner's murder through his late wife Lucille, who runs a burlesque club. Manson hides Emma but Hodiak, under pressure from Grace, ultimately finds her and brings her home.
5 5 A Change Is Gonna Come Rafael Yglesias Michael Zinberg June 18, 2015 3.329M 0.7%
Emma runs away from home in the midst of the chaos and Hodiak pays Manson a visit and gives him a near-fatal beating.
6 6 A Whiter Shade of Pale David Reed Michael Offer June 25, 2015 3.15M 0.6%
Hodiak helps Shafe solve the mystery of who is harassing the Shafe family in their all white neighborhood.
7 7 Cease to Resist Sera Gamble Michael Waxman July 2, 2015 2.44M 0.4%
Hodiak investigates the murder of a Hollywood star but hits a wall when the powerful movie studio wants the case to remain unsolved. Emma and Sadie meet a special person from Manson's past.
8 8 Sick City Alexandra Cunningham,
Mike Sheehan
Jon Amiel July 9, 2015 2.472M 0.5%
Upon receiving good career news, Ken attempts to clear all distractions from his life. Hodiak seeks help from two people from his past: a priest and a prostitute.
9 9 Why? John McNamara,
Mike Sheehan
Jonas Pate July 18, 2015 1.183M 0.22%
Two officers invite Charmain on a ridealong, but everything comes to a halt when they are murdered in cold blood. Hodiak and Shafe try to protect Charmain's standing in the department and find the real killer.
10 10 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Rafael Yglesias John Dahl July 25, 2015 1.164M 0.21%
A detective's long-held secret of being Hispanic is about to be exposed in a big way and Hodiak tries to help. Shafe gets a break on the heroin case.
11 11 Your Mother Should Know David Reed Roxann Dawson August 1, 2015 1.175M 0.2%
Hodiak begins an investigation of the murder of a Black Panther but he needs Bunchy Carter's full cooperation to solve the case. Shafe deals with pressure from Lieutenant Priore on the heroin case and internal strife within the heroin dealer Guapo's close circle.
12 12 (Please Let Me Love You And) It Won't Be Wrong Alexandra Cunningham,
Sera Gamble
Lukas Ettlin August 8, 2015 1.254M 0.3%
In order to find out who has been targeting and killing homosexual men in LA, Hodiak and Shafe seek the cooperation of a high-profile figure. Record producer Elliot Hillman returns to Manson's compound with a renewed interest in Manson.
13 13 Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing John McNamara Jonas Pate August 22, 2015 1.133M 0.2%
Hodiak continues to deal with the repercussions of his son Walt's rebellion. Emma's confrontation with Sadie is interrupted when Mary and her baby have complications. Meanwhile, Karn falls back under Manson's spell.
Teleplay by Rafael Yglesias & David Reed

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