Archie Bunker's Place

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Archie Bunker's Place
Archie Bunkers Place-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 23, 1979
Finale April 4, 1983
Network CBS
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Tandem Productions,
The O'Connor-Becker Company,
Embassy Television (season 4)
Seasons 4
Episodes 97
Origin USA

Archie Bunker's Place is a sitcom that aired on CBS.

Archie Bunker's Place continued from All in the Family. Although the Bunker home, the primary setting for the original series, was featured, the new series was primarily set in the titular Archie Bunker's Place, the neighborhood tavern in Astoria, Queens which Archie Bunker purchased in the eighth-season premiere of All in the Family. During the premiere of Archie Bunker's Place, Bunker takes on a Jewish partner, Murray Klein, when co-owner Harry Snowden decides to sell his share of the business. Early in the first season, to increase business, Archie and Murray build a restaurant onto the bar; the additions include a separate seating area for the restaurant and a well-equipped kitchen with a service window. The regular patrons include Barney Hefner, Hank Pivnik, and Edgar Van Ranseleer.

Archie Bunker's Place was the sounding board for Archie's views, support from his friends, and Murray's counterpoints. Later in the series, after Murray remarries and leaves for San Francisco, Archie finds a new business partner, Gary Rabinowitz, whose views were liberal, in contrast to Archie's political conservatism.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4
Carroll O'Connor Archie Bunker * * * *
Jean Stapleton Edith Bunker *
Danielle Brisebois Stephanie Mills * * * *
Allan Melvin Barney Hefner * * * *
Jason Wingreen Harry Snowden * * * *
Bill Quinn Mr. Van Ranseleer o * * *
Anne Meara Veronica Rooney * * *
Martin Balsam Murray Klein * *
Abraham Alvarez Jose Perez o o o *
Joe Rosario Raoul Rosario o o *
Barbara Meek Ellen Canby * *
Denise Miller Billie Bunker * *
Barry Gordon Gary Rabinowitz o *
Season numbers in red indicate a recurring or guest role in that season.


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 23, 1979 March 23, 1980 24
Season Two November 2, 1980 May 10, 1981 20
Season Three October 4, 1981 May 16, 1982 29
Season Four September 26, 1982 April 4, 1983 24


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Complete First Season January 31, 2006 3


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