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Ark II

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Ark II
Ark II-Title.jpg
Premiere September 11, 1976
Finale December 18, 1976
Creator Martin Roth
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute sci-fi adventure
Company Filmation Associates
Seasons 1
Episodes 15
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Ark II is a sci-fi adventure series that aired on CBS.

Narrator: For millions of years, Earth was fertile and rich. Then pollution and waste began to take their toll. Civilization fell into ruin. This is the world of the 25th Century. Only a handful of scientists remain, men who have vowed to rebuild what has been destroyed. This is their achievement --- Ark II, a mobile storehouse of scientific knowledge, manned by a highly trained crew of young people. Their mission: to bring the hope of a new future to mankind.
Jonah: Ark II Log, Entry #1: I, Jonah, Ruth, Samuel, and Adam are fully aware of the dangers we will face as we venture into unknown, maybe even hostile, areas. But we’re determined to bring the promise of a new civilization to our people and to our planet.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Terry Lester Jonah
Jean Marie Hon Ruth
Jose Flores Samuel
Adam Adam


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 11, 1976 December 18, 1976 15


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Series November 7, 2006 purchase 4

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