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Whistler's Mother
Whistler's Mother. GOB and Tobias present Michael with their business plan for Gobias Industries.
Season 1, Episode 20
Airdate April 11, 2004
Production Number #1AJD19
Written by Jim Vallely,
John Levenstein
Directed by Paul Feig
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Best Man for the Gob
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Not Without My Daughter
Arrested DevelopmentSeason One

Whistler's Mother is the twentieth episode of the first season of Arrested Development. Some money becomes available for the family who then proceed to squabble over its use. Michael unwisely invests it in his Uncle Oscar's land.

Guest Stars: Amy Poehler (Bride of GOB), Ethan Phillips (Military Official), Peter Jason (Mr. Jordan)

Co-Stars: Charlie Hartsock (Ted), Michael Bartel (Young Michael), Dave (Gruber) Allen (Activist), Brian Gattas (Alex), Steven Shaw (Board Member #1), Monty Bane (Board Member #2), Dave Matos (Local Man), Tommy Snider (Local Man #2)


Plot Overview

Oscar serenades Lucille with his terrible song.

Some money becomes available as the family debates the best use of the funds. George Michael mistakes Oscar for George, Sr., who he thinks has escaped from prison. Things aren't going well for Lindsay and Tobias. GOB and Tobias combine forces to create Gobias (pronounced Go-buy-us as in "Go buy us some coffee") Industries in order to get the money to start a new business. Lindsay goes to the Army's Free Speech Zone to protest her stylist joining the Army to fight in the Iraq War. Michael ends up buying Oscar's lemon grove, land that is worthless because the Army uses it for training exercises. Jordan, a board member, threatens to use this information against Michael. Lucille gets the money back and uses it to buy out Jordan's shares.


Arc Advancement




  • Pilot: One of the protestors in the Free Speech Zone is the guy from the first episode.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Say Anything: Oscar holding the boombox over his head serenading Lucille with his song, Smiles, is like the scene where John Cusack stands outside Ione Skye's window playing Peter Gabriel's song, "In Your Eyes".

Memorable Moments