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There's No Place Like Home
Season 4, Episode 7
Airdate April 25, 2016
Written by Philip Buiser
Directed by Nestor Carbonell
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Bates MotelSeason Four

There's No Place Like Home is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Bates Motel, and the thirty-seventh episode overall.

Starring: Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates), Freddie Highmore (Norman Bates), Max Thieriot (Dylan Massett), Olivia Cooke (Emma Decody)

and Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff Alex Romero)

Guest Starring: Marshall Allman (Julian Howe), Damon Gupton (Dr. Gregg Edwards), Andrew Howard (Will Decody), Kelly-Ruth Mercier (Nurse Penny), Jaime Ray Newman (Rebecca Hamilton), Fiona Vroom (Vicki Monroe)

Also Starring: Gina Chiarelli (O'Sullivan), Terence Kelly (Dickie Bolton), Aliyah O'Brien (Regina)


Plot Overview

Norma's happy life with Romero is threatened when Norman discovers their marriage and makes a plea to return home. Beginning to suspect the worst, Dylan begins asking questions about the whereabouts of Emma's mother.



  • Bobby Darin - "Beyond The Sea (La mer)"

Arc Advancement


  • Romero reveals to Norma the money he took from Bob Paris and stashed it in the furnace.
  • Dylan learns that Audrey's phone is no longer in service. He later reaches out to her last known address and finds that after four months of non-payment, her things were removed a week ago. When he gives the letter to Emma, she tells her that everything points to her mother wanting them to feel sorry for her and bail her out.
  • Rebecca tells Romero she's leaving Indiana to be with her ill mother.
  • Dr Edwards agrees to sign the papers to allow Norman to leave Pineview on the condition they continue regular sessions.


  • Norman finds out about Norma and Romero's marriage. When he confronts her about it, Norma hides that it's developed romantically. After his pleading, despite her hope to keep him committed, she lets him return home.
  • Emma learns that her mother came by the hospital and that Dylan knew.
  • Dylan confronts Norma about the letter he found in Norman's room and that Audrey never checked out of the room, but Norma dismisses it as "a whole lot of nothing."
  • After reading the letter her mother was to give her, she concedes that mother doesn't care about or want her and emotionally cuts her out of her life.
  • Norman leaves Pineview and returns home.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • The newspaper Norman finds mentions Director of Public Works Julia Holdway. This is the name of the show's Clearance Coordinator.

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