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Ma Parker (2)
Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate October 6, 1966
Written by Henry Slesar
Directed by Oscar Rudolph
Produced by Howie Horwitz
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BatmanSeason Two
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Ma Parker (2) is the tenth episode of the second season of Batman, and the forty-fourth episode overall.

Starring: Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred), Neil Hamilton (Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Chief O'Hara) (credit only), Madge Blake (Mrs. Cooper)

Special Guest Villainess: Shelley Winters (Ma Parker)

Additional Cast: Tisha Sterling (Legs), David Lewis (Warden Crichton), Michael Vandever (Mad Dog), Peter Brooks (Machine Gun), Robert Biheller (Prettty Boy), James Griffith (Trusty)

Uncredited: William Dozier (Narrator), Julie Newmar (The Catwoman), Milton Berle (Prison Guard)


Plot Overview

While Batman,and Robin are driving the Batmobile away from the Prison,Batman recalls the words that the Inmate told him.He becomes suspicious,and stops the Batmobile.He looks inside to find a Bomb with a Timer set to go off pass the 60 mile mark.He quickly throws the Bomb away.Ma Parker hears the Bomb explode,and figures Batman,and Robin to be dead.Back on the road,Batman,and Robin suspect that Ma Parker somehow is responsible.They return to the Prison.Warden Crichton is sitting behind his desk with Ma Parkers Guards at his side,as if nothing is wrong.Batman asks the Warden if he can see Ma,and her Children.The Warden takes them to see the Parkers.The Parkers are all together in separate Cells.The Warden calls it the Family Wing of his Prison Program:"The Family that Dorms together,reforms together",he says to The Dynamic Duo.After seeing Ma,and her children in their Cells,Batman,and Robin satisfied,leaves.It is revealed that the Warden was forced to go along with the charade to prevent any harm from coming to Batman,and Robin.Later in the Prison,Ma frees all but two of the Prisoners.These two are The Joker,and The Penguin.They are not content to taking orders from Ma Parker,so Ma orders them to remain in their Cells.With Batman,and Robin no longer suspicious of them,Ma has her gang commit robbery after robbery.But,thanks to the Bat Computer,Batman is able to foil one of the robberies commit.Unfortunately,the Gang gets away throwing the stolen money into the air as a divertion.Though,the criminals escaped,Batman manages to grab a piece of clothes from the escapee.He takes it back to the Batcave to have it annilized.According to the BatComputer,the piece is from a Prison Garment.Suspicious,Batman calls Prison,and asks Warden Crichton has there been any escapes?The Warden at first assures Batman that everything is find,but then Crichton breaks down,and yells out a help before getting cut off.Fearing that everything is not right at Gotham State Prison manage to sneak into the Prison for what would be the showdown with Ma Parker.


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