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Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Galen Tyrol

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Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Actor Aaron Douglas
First Appearance Miniseries
Last Appearance 4x20 - Daybreak, Part 2
Series Billing Secondary Billed
Episode Count 70
Notable Episodes 1x02 - Water
1x06 - Litmus
2x03 Fragged


Basic Information

Chief Tyrol is in charge of the Galactica's Raptor and Viper maintenance.

Character History

Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Galen "Chief" Tyrol is the son of priest father and oracle mother, and has served on various Battlestars since age 18, including the Pegasus, Columbia, Atlantia, and Galactica. Chief Tyrol served on the Battlestar Galactica for several years before the Cylon destruction of the Twelve Colonies and developed a strong admiration and respect for Galactica's Commander William Adama. As a gift for Adama, Tyrol and his crew had found Adama's old Viper in a junk heap, managed to bring it back to Galactica without Adama's knowledge, and completely restored it for him so that it could take a place in the Galactica's decommissioning ceremony. He is also the designer of the Blackbird, a stealth fighter designed for speed above all else.

As the most experienced NCO and mechanic aboard Galactica, Tyrol has taken on the duties of Hangar Deck Crew Chief, overseeing the repair and maintenance of Galactica's complement of Viper and Raptor spacecraft.

Tyrol is very protective of the crew under his direct command, and has demonstrated several times that he would be willing to sacrifice himself for them, and in return most of his crew are extremely loyal.

Memorable Moments

  • Chief Tyrol accidentally kills Pegasus "interrogator" Lt. Thorne by slamming him into exactly the wrong place on the wall of Boomer's cell. (2x10 Pegasus)


  • According to a recent interview with Ronald D. Moore, Galen Tyrol is from the Gemenon colony.