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Number Six
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)-Number Six.jpg
Actor Tricia Helfer
First Appearance Miniseries
Last Appearance The Plan
Series Billing Main Cast
Episode Count 66 + miniseries + 2 telefilms


Basic Information


One particular Six was Dr. Gaius Baltar's lover on Caprica before the beginning of the show, helping him with the development of the Command Navigation Program for the Colonial fleet before the fall of the Colonies. She claimed to be working for a large company, and in return for rewriting massive amounts of code for Dr. Baltar she asked for access to the Colonial defense mainframe, ostensibly to give the company she worked for a major boost when the next defense contract came due. In reality, Six had rewritten the CNP into a "back door", allowing the Cylons to shut down Colonial ships remotely through their integrated network computers, and she wanted access to the defense mainframe so she could shut down the Colonies' planetary defenses. She was killed at the time of the attack protecting Dr. Baltar from a distant shockwave that shattered every window in his house.

Immediately upon her resurrection, Caprica-Six began to suffer from constant hallucinations of Baltar. In her hallucinations, Baltar appears as a smooth-talking, snappily-dressed, cigarette-smoking figure similar to what he appeared to be like before the fall of the Colonies, making constant commentary on her actions and occasionally providing helpful advice. The Baltar hallucinations drove this Six more than a little crazy, leading up to her decision to try to change things with the help of the resurrected Galactica-Boomer.

Baltar's Six

Caprica-Six and Baltar's Six were originally the same Cylon. After the death of Caprica-Six, she somehow lived on in Dr. Baltar's head, occasionally providing useful advice and hints as to what Baltar should do, proselytizing for the Cylon God, being generally abusive, and getting it on with Baltar in Baltar's imagination at inopportune times.

This Six initially claimed to have planted a chip in Baltar's head that caused him to see her constantly, although she has alternately claimed to simply be a hallucination brought on by some sort of psychosis or an angel sent by the Cylon God to protect Baltar. Scans of Baltar's brain by Dr. Cottle were unable to pick out any sort of chip in his head, lending credence to the claim that she may be something else, although it may also just be that the Cylon chip is undetectable by whatever type of scanner is present on Colonial military vessels.

Shelly Godfrey

Shelly Godfrey turned up claiming to be an aide of Dr. Amarak, a former associate of Baltar's at the Ministry of Defense on Caprica that had claimed to have evidence of how the Cylons managed to get into the Colonial defense mainframe before his untimely death when the Olympic Carrier was destroyed. She arrived bearing an apparent photograph of Baltar carrying a bomb into the defense mainframe the day before the attack. Upon Baltar's later repentance, Godfrey disappeared and the photograph was promptly discredited. The Six that played Shelly Godfrey is presumably still at large in the fleet.

Other Caprica Sixes

Six units are seen at multiple times on the planet Caprica in apparent leadership roles, usually with a Aaron Doral sidekick. One was killed by Boomer, and another later by Starbuck during the retrieval of the Arrow of Apollo from the museum at Delphi. As well, Sixes on Caprica have been seen to lead squads of Cylon Centurions.


Gina betrayed the Battlestar Pegasus and caused a lot of deaths, and was eventually captured by the Pegasus' crew. She was brutally raped and tortured over the course of the next few months before the Pegasus made contact with the Galactica, eventually dropping into a catatonic state. Dr. Baltar managed to bring her out of it, and she later provided confirmation of the identity and purpose of the mysterious ship in the Cylon fleet that Galactica and Pegasus planned to attack. Baltar freed Gina and gave her a weapon, which she intended for Baltar to kill her with. Instead, Baltar convinced her to get revenge, and she managed to gain access to Admiral Cain's quarters and shot her. Baltar helped her get off Pegasus and into the fleet, where she became deeply involved with the Demand Peace movement in the fleet. Coincidentally or not, shortly after her becoming involved with Demand Peace's leadership the movement turned violent, sabotaging Galactica's Viper ammunition and bombing a fuel refinery ship.

Gina later committed suicide with a nuclear bomb given to her by Gaius Baltar, using it to destroy the Fleet luxury vessel Cloud Nine while she was still aboard.

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • Pegasus: A version of Six was found aboard Battlestar Pegasus which had been beaten, tortured, abused and frequently gangraped. Baltar professed his love for Six to this same version.


  • The Pegasus Six, "Gina", was named by Ronald D. Moore as a play on some Original Series fans' term for the new Galactica series, "Galactica In Name Only", or GINO.


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