Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Number Three

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Cylon Model Number Three
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Actor Lucy Lawless
First Appearance 2x08 - Final Cut
Last Appearance 4x11 - Sometimes a Great Notion
Series Billing Episode 4x09 to 4x11: Guest Star

Episodes 2x08 to 3x12: Special Guest Star

Episode Count 16
Notable Episodes 2x08 – Final Cut
2x18 – Downloaded
3x12 - Rapture


Basic Information

The first Number Three encountered was posing as a news reporter within the Colonial fleet. Since then Threes have been seen in an assertive role within the Cylon leadership. Thought after " The Eye of Jupiter" all Model Three's were placed into cold storage by the other human-like Cylons. This was due to "inherent recklessness and instability"

Character History

D'Anna Biers

D’Anna Biers was given full access to Galactica to film a documentary on the daily comings and going of the crew. While filming, she managed to get footage of a brief complication with the child of Cylon Boomer and human Helo, which turned out to be her ulterior motive for being aboard Galactica. The footage was then broadcast to two Cylon Raiders, who relayed it back to Caprica for review by a number of other Cylons.

Memorable Moments


  • D’Anna is Cylon Model Number 3.


  • Final Cut: “I came to Galactica to tell a story. In all honesty I thought I knew what that story was before I ever set foot there: how an arrogant military let their egos get in the way of doing their jobs, safeguarding the lives of the civillian population. But I found out that the truth was more complex than that. These people aren’t Cylons. They’re not robots blindly following orders and polishing their boots. They’re people. Deeply flawed, yes, but deeply human too, and maybe that’s saying the same thing. What struck me most is that despite it all; the hardships, the stress, the ever present danger of being killed, despite all that they never give up. They never lie down in the road and let the truck run them over. They wake up in the morning, put on their uniforms and do their jobs. Every day. No pay, no rest, no hope of ever laying down the burden or letting someone else do the job. There are no relief troops coming, no Colonial Fleet training new recruits every day. The people on Galactica are it. They are the thin line of blue that separates us from the Cylons. Lt. Gaeta told me a remarkable statistic; not a single member of Galactica’s crew has asked to resign, not one. Think about that. If you wore the uniform wouldn’t you want to quit? To step aside and say “enough! Let someone else protect the fleet”? I know I would. But then, I don’t wear a uniform. Most of us don't, most of us never will. The story of Galactica isn’t that people make bad decisions under pressure, it’s that those mistakes are the exception. Most of the time the men and women serving under Commander Adama get it right. The proof is that our fleet survives. And with Galactica at our side, we will endure. This is D'anna Biers, Fleet News Service.”