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Season Four
Season Premiere October 12, 2018
Season Finale May 31, 2019
Episode Count 23



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Season Five

Season Four of Blindspot premiered on October 12, 2018.


Titles are a homage to favorite TV shows, the first letter of each TV show spell out: Is This The Death of the FBI

# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
68 1 Hella Duplicitous Rachel Caris Love Martin Gero October 12, 2018 2.945M 0.5% T30.10051
The FBI team hunts a dangerous enemy operative, and a deadly new foe emerges.
69 2 My Art Project Christina M. Kim Adam Salky October 19, 2018 2.156M 0.4% T30.10052
The entire intelligence community is put in jeopardy when Remi co-opts an FBI case.
70 3 The Quantico Affair Chad McQuay &
Chris Pozzebon
David Tuttman October 26, 2018 2.5M 0.4% T30.10053
Patterson and Rich DotCom take the reigns as the FBI team faces an explosive threat.
71 4 Sous-Vide Eric Buchman Aric Avelino November 2, 2018 2.433M 0.4% T30.10054
A tattoo puts the team in danger when a deadly disease is released inside the FBI.
72 5 Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree Rachel Caris Love Chris Place November 9, 2018 2.689M 0.5% T30.10055
A blast from Rich DotCom's past sends the FBI team after a deadly terrorist plot.
73 6 Ca-Ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime Chris Pozzebon Andi Armaganian November 16, 2018 2.541M 0.4% T30.10056
The team is drawn into dangerous political intrigue when a tattoo points to someone from Weitz's past.
74 7 Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth Ryan Johnson &
Peter Lalayanis
Andy Mikita November 30, 2018 2.649M 0.5% T30.10057
Remi's schemes put her and Weller in danger, while Patterson and Rich solve a mysterious puzzle at the FBI.
75 8 Screech, Thwack, Pow Kate Sargeant Curtis David Tuttman December 7, 2018 2.805M 0.5% T30.10058
Remi races against the ever-worsening ZIP poisoning to enact her ultimate plan.
76 9 Check Your Ed Brendan Gall David McWhirter January 11, 2019 3.027M 0.6% T30.10059
The team's desperate gambit to get Jane back puts her head-to-head with Remi.
77 10 The Big Reveal Matt Young Joy T. Lane January 18, 2019 3.052M 0.6% T30.10060
Remi may be gone, but Jane's life is still threatened by ZIP. The team tracks down a scientist Roman worked with to find a cure, exposing a deadly pharmaceutical cover-up and revealing how she faked her own death. Zapata comes clean with Reade.
78 11 Careless Whisper Eric Buchman Mark Tonderai February 1, 2019 2.849M 0.5% T30.10061
The murder of a best-selling true crime novelist sends Jane and the team on a hunt for a serial killer detailed in the author's final manuscript, which also features lightly fictionalized versions of the FBI team.
79 12 The Tale of the Book of Secrets Rachel Caris Love R.T. Thorne February 8, 2019 3.511M 0.6% T30.10062
Roman's clues lead to a billionaire hypochondriac with stem cells that could cure Jane, who is now on her deathbed. Patterson and Rich offer to trade the Book of Secrets for the stem cells -- but first they'll have to get it.
80 13 Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In't Christina M. Kim Ramaa Mosley February 15, 2019 2.904M 0.5% T30.10063
Jane and Weller's romantic getaway is cut short when the team must stop Madeline Burke's plans to blow up a building and crash a plane that turns out to be more than the average commercial airliner.
81 14 The Big Blast from the Past Episode Kate Sargeant Curtis Kristin Windell March 8, 2019 3.156M 0.5% T30.10064
An active bomber forces the team to delve into a case from their past.
82 15 Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence Matt Young Martha Mitchell March 15, 2019 2.622M 0.5% T30.10065
Jane's past with Shepherd and Sandstorm both helps and hurts the team's efforts to stop the sale of a device that will weaponize stolen plutonium.
83 16 The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend Eric Buchman Jean de Segonzac March 22, 2019 2.955M 0.4% T30.10066
The FBI is hot on Madeline's heels as Jane seeks help from a familiar enemy.
84 17 The Night of the Dying Breath Chris Pozzebon Jeff T. Thomas April 5, 2019 2.891M 0.4% T30.10067
The team races against the clock to save Jane from a killer's nightmarish scheme.
85 18 'Ohana Sabrina Deana-Roga &
Anne Hecker
Sudz Sutherland April 12, 2019 2.86M 0.4% T30.10068
Patterson's father, Bill Nye, returns for a case that pits the team against a pestiferous foe. Zapata goes rogue with an old friend. Jane and Weller continue their search for the hooded figure.
86 19 Everybody Hates Kathy Kate Sargeant Curtis David McWhirter April 19, 2019 2.968M 0.4% T30.10069
The team discovers an international conspiracy when a deadly weapon is stolen. Jane supports Weller when someone from his past dredges up painful memories. Patterson and Rich contend with their newly released hacker accomplice.
87 20 Coder to Killer Ryan Johnson &
Peter Lalayanis
Martha Mitchell May 24, 2019 2.805M 0.4% T30.10070
A horrifying and vengeful villain threatens the FBI. Weller considers his priorities. Zapata and Reade try to navigate their living situation. Patterson explores a budding interest.
88 21 Masters of War 1:5 - 8 Matt Young Amanda Tapping May 31, 2019 2.491M 0.4% T30.10071
Dominic begins to enact Madeline's cataclysmic scheme as the team rushes to stop him. Tensions rise as past secrets begin to unravel.
89 22 The Gang Gets Gone Chris Pozzebon David McWhirter May 31, 2019 2.045M 0.3% T30.10072
The team sets out on an international mission to stop an attack from spreading. Madeline attempts to turn the tables as internal conflict threatens relationships within the team.

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