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Body Language

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Body Language
Premiere June 4, 1984
Finale January 3, 1986
Host Tom Kennedy
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 396
Origin US

Body Language is a game show that aired on CBS. It was essentially an updated version of the 1975 show Showoffs.

The teams here now consist of one celebrity and one civilian per team. One team is on stage and tries to communicate five words and/or phrases in one minute using pantomime. Each correctly guessed word becomes a clue in a word puzzle. There are seven blanks in the puzzle (the remaining two blanks are unacted words and are used as a minor difficulty element). The guesser now tries to solve the puzzle with $100 awarded for being correct. If incorrect, the guesser from the other team has a word in the puzzle revealed and he/she makes a guess. This continues until the puzzle is solved. $500 wins the game.

If after the deciding puzzle the score is tied and neither team reaches $500, a word puzzle is put up and the guessers now take turns in revealing words and trying to solve the puzzle.

The winner vies for $10,000 in the bonus game. The actor now acts out up to ten words in sixty seconds for the guesser who scores $100 for each word. The celebrity now tries to communicate three words in fifteen seconds. Getting all three words multiplies that money by ten. Contestants stay on the show until he/she has won six games or has lost two games.

A revival was attempted in 1990 called Body Talk with Vicki Lawrence hosting. It never made it past the pilots.



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