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Premiere February 28, 1993
Finale February 23, 1994
Creator Duane Capizzi &
Robert Hathcock
Network/Provider Disney Channel (first 9 episodes),
syndication (The Disney Afternoon)
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Walt Disney Television Animation
Seasons 2
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Bonkers is an animated comedy that aired on Disney Channel for one ”preview season” and in syndication for one season.



The starring character, Bonkers D. Bobcat, first appeared in a series of shorts originally airing as a cornerstone of anthology series Raw Toonage. These shorts were eventually also included in the second season of Bonkers, creating four half-hour episodes.

However, the Bonkers series had been in production prior to the conception of Raw Toonage – its concept was similar to that of feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, with Bonkers D. Bobcat, a cartoon character (a ”toon”), working alongside a human character. However - unlike the Roger Rabbit movie, the humans of Bonkers were also animated, although in a slightly less colorfull manner, in order to distinguish them from the ”toons”.

Bonkers began to air on Disney Channel in the spring of 1993, with episodes starring Bonkers as a police officer, working with Officer Miranda Wright. Due to creative difficulties, the original pairing of Bonkers and Wright was however halted after 9 episodes had aired and 10 more had been produced. These 19 episodes are here referred to as season 1.

In the fall of 1993, a re-worked Bonkers premiered on The Disney Afternoon. The two-part pilot tells the story of how Bonkers was fired as a cartoon actor, and got to work with the Hollywood Police Department, paired with Officer Lucky Piquel. After 21 ”Piquel episodes” having aired, the episode New Partners on the Block told the story of how Piquel is transfered to FBI, and Miranda Wright becoming Bonkers new partner. Then followed the "season 1" episodes. With all 19 Wright episodes aired, the series closed with 20 unaired episodes starring Piquel.

Thus, while the Wright episodes were the first to be produced, within the chronology of the series, they take place after the Piquel episodes (i.e. "season 1" occurs after "season 2" within the series fictional universe).

The original concept, the Miranda Wright episodes/"season 1", were created and produced by Duane Capizzi & Robert Hathcock, and the 42 Lucky Piquel episodes ("season 2") were produced by Robert Taylor. The 12 shorts (airing as 4 episodes, mixed into the Piquel range) were produced by Larry Latham.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Jim Cummings Bonkers D. Bobcat * *
Lucky Piquel *
Bulldog o
Karla DeVito Miranda Wright * o
Earl Boen Leonard Kanifky o *
Orange/Red/o indicates a recurring or guest role during that season.
Dark Green indicates top billing during that season.
Supporting/Recurring Cast 1 2
Joe Alaskey Flaps *
Additional voices *
Jeff Bennett Jitters A. Dog * *
Roderick Lizzard *
Bullfrog *
Rodger Bumpass Grumbles Grizzly * *
Corey Burton Ludwig Von Drake * *
The Mad Hatter *
Mr. Doodles *
William Callaway Additional voices * *
Dorian Harewood Officer Stark *
Additional voices *
Sherry Lynn Additional voices *
Marilyn Piquel *
Tress MacNeille Additional voices *
Francine Kanifky *
Rita Moreno Tanya Trunk * *
Ron Perlman Francis Q. Grating * *
Hal Rayle Additional voices * *
Jon Bauman Bullfinch *
Eileen Brennan Lilith DuPrave *
Bill Farmer Goofy *
Pat Fraley Bucky Buzzsaw *
Wild Man Wyatt *
Maurice LaMarche Tuttle Turtle *
Mr. Blackenblue *
Rene Levant Officer Dennis *
Sam McMurray Additional voices *
Bob Ridgely Al Vermin *
Roger Rose Ranger Roger *
Neil Ross Additional voices *
Charlie Adler Police Light *
Jack Angel Scribble *
Michael Bell The Collector *
Gregg Berger Additional voices *
S. Scott Bullock Additional voices *
Nancy Cartwright Fawn Deer *
Jesse Corti March Hare *
David Doyle W.W. Wacky *
Brad Garrett Additional voices *
Jess Harnell Additional voices *
Tino Insana Additional voices *
Rob Paulsen Additional voices *
Frank Welker Fall-Apart Rabbit *
Broderick *
Toots *
Fluffy *
April Winchell Dyl Piquel *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Disney Channel / Syndication
Season One February 28, 1993 October 29, 1993 19
Season Two September 4, 1993 February 23, 1994 46


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