Bulletproof/Season One

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Season One
Season Premiere May 15, 2018 (UK)
August 7, 2019 (USA)
Season Finale June 19, 2018 (UK)
September 11, 2019 (USA)
Episode Count 6



Season Two

Season One of Bulletproof premiered on May 15, 2018.


# # Title Written By Directed By Original
UK airdate
Viewers 18-49 Rating USA airdate
1 1 Episode 1 Nick Love Nick Love May 15, 2018 1.59M(UK)
0.1% August 7, 2019
An informant is killed, leading Pike and Bishop to uncover a luxury car theft ring. When two members of the team are taken hostage, Bishop accidentally shoots Jonesy, but when he arrives at the ER to check on his mate, Bishop is the one who walks away wounded.
2 2 Episode 2 Nick Love Nick Love May 22, 2018 1.105M(UK)
0.1% August 14, 2019
Nell alerts Pike and Bishop to a notorious wanted criminal, Michael Sharp, who is heading into London. The boys finally collar an innocent Sharp, only to see him executed in an ambush. Later, Pike discovers Bishop staying in a cheap hotel after his split with girlfriend Sophie and brings him home to stay with his family.
3 3 Episode 3 Nick Love and
Richard Zajdlic
Nick Love May 29, 2018 1.035M(UK)
0.1% August 21, 2019
Pike and Bishop are outraged when the Sharp case is moved to another unit and are instead reassigned to take down a local drug gang. Meanwhile, Arjana needs money to fund a big opportunity at work, meaning Pike must swallow his pride and ask his dad for help.
4 4 Episode 4 Mark Greig and
Richard Zajdlic
Ole Endresen June 5, 2018 1.124M(UK)
0.1% August 28, 2019
Pike and Bishop stumble on to an organ-harvesting ring, ultimately leading to Pike's daughter being taken by Bakur, the ring leader, and leaving Pike looking for violent retribution for the attack on his family. Meanwhile, Arjana agrees to help Deputy Mayor Carmel with a development deal.
5 5 Episode 5 Nick Love Ole Endresen June 12, 2018 1.008M(UK)
0.2% September 4, 2019
Tanner orders Pike and his family into a safe house while Bishop and the rest of the Unit track down Bakur. Arjana finds something suspect in Carmel's development. Things heat up between Bishop and Nell.
6 6 Episode 6 Noel Clarke and
Mark Greig
Ole Endresen June 19, 2018 880k(UK)
0.1% September 11, 2019
Arjana accuses Carmel of corruption as the full story about Ronald Pike Sr's shady past is uncovered. Ray manages to escape, prompting a deadly shootout. Life will now never be the same, but Pike and Bishop know that together, they can combat anything.

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