Burden of Truth/Season Three

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Season Three
Burden of Truth
Season Premiere January 8, 2020 (Canada)
May 21, 2020 (USA)
Season Finale February 26, 2020 (Canada)
July 9, 2020 (USA)
Episode Count 8

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Season Four

Season Three of Burden of Truth premiered on January 8, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate USA
18-49 Rating USA Airdate
19 1 Crawford Chang Brad Simpson James Genn January 8, 2020 566k 0.1% May 21, 2020
Joanna and Billy face a verdict in their first case, but when they return to Millwood for a high school reunion, an old friend from Joanna's past suffers a devastating loss that forces Joanna to face long-buried demons from her past.
20 2 Wherever You Go Adam Pettle James Genn January 15, 2020 509k 0.1% May 28, 2020
Reeling from the sudden apprehension of Kodie's children by Millwood Family Services, Joanna sets out to win back custody, but in order to win in court, she must conduct a thorough and potentially revealing investigation into her old friend's life.
21 3 No Fathers and Sons Felicia Brooker Kelly Makin January 22, 2020 487k 0.1% June 4, 2020
After losing at the custody hearing, Joanna is desperate to help Kodie and recklessly launches an emergency challenge to the court-appointed custodian. The case brings Billy face to face with the last person he wanted to see.
22 4 Desperate Measures Julie Puckrin Kelly Makin January 29, 2020 495k 0.1% June 11, 2020
Kodie snatches her kids and goes on the run. With Millwood Police looking for her and with the imminent threat of a province-wide Amber Alert, Joanna must track Kodie down to have any chance at saving her custody case.
23 5 Crisis of Faith Laura Good Sherry White February 5, 2020 478k 0.1% June 18, 2020
Joanna and Billy investigate Millwood Family Services and discover a potential error in the custody hearing evidence that will turn the entire case around.
24 6 It Takes a Village Hayden Simpson Sherry White February 12, 2020 554k 0.1% June 25, 2020
In an attempt to build a case against ClearDawn labs for the wrongful apprehension of children in Millwood, Joanna reluctantly agrees to try to put together a class-action lawsuit. Billy gets a tip from his father about a potential break in the case.
25 7 Name Your Ghosts Eric Putzer Douglas Mitchell February 19, 2020 490k 0.1% July 2, 2020
Coming off the loss of class certification, Joanna and Billy decide to go after ClearDawn alone with an unreliable whistleblower as their only lead. Luna goes to extreme lengths to save another child from a wrongful apprehension.
26 8 Shelter from the Storm Brad Simpson and
Mary Galloway
Douglas Mitchell February 26, 2020 457k 0.1% July 9, 2020
Joanna and Billy head to trial against ClearDawn labs while still desperately searching for a way to expose the fraudulent science used to wrongfully apprehend children.

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