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CSI/David Hodges

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David Hodges
Actor Wallace Langham
First Appearance Season 3, Episode 11 "Recipe for Murder"
Last Appearance N/A at this time
Series Billing LVPD Trace Technician, David Hodges
Episode Count 96 episodes & counting
Notable Episodes "Labrats" (season 7), "You Kill Me" (season 8)
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David Hodges, played by Wallace Langham.


Basic Information

Character History

Memorable Moments

LABRATS - season 7

Enlisting the help of his fellow lab techs, Mandy Webster (prints analyst), Henry Andrews (tox tech), Archie Johnson (AV tech) and eventually Wendy Simms (DNA tech), the small group following Hodges' lead, embarked in their own secretive co-op investigation to try and help the CSI's in solving the miniature murder cases.

For various reasons, each tech eventually bows out of the supposed investigation leaving Hodges on his own in the end. Accidentally stumbling across a key piece of evidence during his closer study of the Mannleigh chicken factory miniature crime scene earlier on, it eventually leads him to the key piece of evidence that links all four miniatures together. NaOCl, as written on the barrel, or commonly known as bleach! (coupon in the Penney Garden scene, empty bottle in the trash in the Izzy Delancey scene, traces of bleach in the vase water at Barbara Tallman's condo, and the barrel in the chicken factory scene).

This would lead to the eventual setup to season 7's finale and the discovery of the person behind the miniatures - Natalie Davis.


- Hodges belongs to 2% of people worldwide with a specific gene that makes him able to detect the smell of cyanide, a normally odorless poison.

- Hodges' cat is named Kobayashi Kau, or "Kobe", after the no-win simulation Star Trek Spacefleets are given.

- Transferred from the LA Crime Lab because he had issues with his superiors. They said he had an attitude problem. He said that he thought he was entitled.

- Urinated on one of his professor's car door handles because that professor gave him a B on a paper and he felt he deserved an A.


"Give me more time, I'm not a miracle worker"

"You haven't had the full 'David Hodges' experience"

"So adequate, better even!"