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Detective Mac Taylor
Actor Gary Sinise
First Appearance MIA/NYC NonStop
Series Billing
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Basic Information

Mac Taylor is the Crime Lab Supervisor in the New York Crime Lab. He believes highly in Veneziano's theory of quantum physics: everything is connected. Unlike most of the criminalists Mac Taylor does not only try to find out how but also why. He is a stickler for rules and as he said to Aiden Burn after he found out she tampered with evidence, "There are three things that I'll protect at any cost: the honor of this country, the safety of this city, and the integrity of this lab. As scientists, we have a great deal of power, the ability to assign guilt or innocence. But when we analyze a crime scene, we collect pieces of evidence, we make a promise to the people of this city. A promise to handle that evidence with respect, integrity, and good faith. When you broke the seal, you broke that promise." This is how he works and how he runs the lab and does not tolerate rule bending, let alone rule breaking.

Character History

Mac Taylor was originally from Chicago, IL. He served in the US Marine Corps. The Marines left him as a decorated Marine Corps officer. After leaving the military he moved to New York and was accepted quickly into the ranks at NYPD, due to his heroism in his military career. As he made his way through the levels at NYPD he found one area he truly liked and that was the crime scene investigation division.

Mac's past is peppered with pain and suffering, ranging from lost friends on the front lines to his wife dying in 9/11.

Memorable Moments


  • City New York City
  • Job C.S.I.
  • Rank Detective Investigator 1st Grade
  • Position Head Investigator
  • Birthday November 1, 1963?


  • Stella: What time did you get in?
    Mac: I never went home.
    Stella: Can't sleep?
    Mac: What's sleep?
  • Stella: There's something gooey here.
    Mac: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey. I'll have to use that more.
  • (Stella and Mac stare at the flattened victim.)
    Stella: I'm going to call Hawkes.
    Mac: Tell him to bring a spatula.
  • Mac: You on break?
    Hawkes: I'm just taking five minutes to eat. That's allowed, isn't it?
    Mac: Eating is frowned upon, Hawkes.
  • Mac (to Lindsay, after she knocks down Ryan Knight): What do they feed you up there in Montana?