CSI: Vegas/Season One

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Season One
CSI: Vegas
Season Premiere October 6, 2021
Episode Count 13
This is the current season of CSI: Vegas.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season One of CSI: Vegas premiered on October 6, 2021.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Legacy Jason Tracey Uta Briesewitz October 6, 2021 4.123M 0.46%
Facing an existential threat that could bring down the entire Crime Lab and release thousands of convicted killers back onto the neon-lit streets of Vegas, a brilliant new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby must enlist the help of old friends Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. This combined force will deploy the latest forensic techniques to do what they do best - follow the evidence - in order to preserve and serve justice in Sin City. In the premiere episode, an attack on Jim Brass kicks off a twisted conspiracy targeting the Las Vegas crime lab.
2 2 Honeymoon in Vegas Jason Tracey Nathan Hope October 13, 2021 3.909M 0.42%
Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle come to the aid of a former colleague who is implicated in tampering with evidence. Maxine and the rest of the CSI team work the murder of a couple slain on their wedding day, following the evidence to the salacious underbelly of the Las Vegas elite.
3 3 Under the Skin Craig O'Neil Nathan Hope October 20, 2021 3.544M 0.35%
Grissom and Sara's investigation into charges against David Hodges heats up as Internal Affairs joins the hunt. Also, pressure rises for the CSIs when a video game developer's body is found floating in a fountain before a huge gaming tournament.
4 4 Long Pig Safia M. Dirie Nicole Rubio October 27, 2021
The CSI team investigates when a body is dug up in the luau pit of a Hawaiian-themed hotel. Also, Internal Affairs begins to question Grissom and Sara's return to the crime lab.
5 5 Let the Chips Fall Graham Thiel Kenneth Fink November 3, 2021
As Grissom and Sara close in on who framed Hodges, the CSI team investigates a lock room murder mystery at 30,000 feet, when a cargo plane lands autonomously at McCarran Airport and everyone on board has been killed.
6 6 TBA
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