Canadian Sesame Street

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Canadian Sesame Street
Sesame Street-Logo.jpg
Premiere 1972
Finale October 1996 (revamped into Sesame Park)
Creator Daniel McCarthy
Network CBC Television
Style 60-minute children's educational
Company Children's Television Workshop,
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Seasons 24
Origin Canada

Canadian Sesame Street is a long-running Canadian children's educational program that aired on CBC Television.

This series is essentially the original American version of the show, but with Canadian segments, including those focusing on teaching French, added to replace segments on the original show (primarily Spanish-speaking segments) considered irrelevant to Canadian audiences.

The series ended in its original form in October 1996 and was revamped into a half-hour version called Sesame Park, with increased Canadian content and only a few segments from the original American show included.



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