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Carnivàle/Edgar Leonhardt

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Edgar "Samson" Leonhardt
Actor Michael J. Anderson
First Appearance 1x01 - Milfay
Last Appearance 2x12 - New Canaan, CA
Series Billing Main Cast
Episode Count 24


Basic Information

Character History

Season 1

Carnivàle's general manager. In charge of running the day-to-day affairs of the carnival, Samson is a clever and quick-witted con man. Getting his start in show business as a dwarf strongman at Coney Island in 1904, Samson soon moved on to traveling carnivals, and joined up with the Hyde and Teller Company in 1912. Samson worked his way up to position of general manager only to lose it to Professor Lodz when Management acquires the outfit. After a disagreement in St. Louis, Lodz is removed as manager and Samson is given his job back. From this point on, Samson becomes Management's right hand man, and is the only one who speaks to him. The position is not without its downfalls, though, since many of Management's decisions ignore the wellbeing of the other carnies (including allowing Ben to stay with the carnival and taking the carnival to Babylon), and Samson must take accountability for Management's actions since no one else is allowed to see the man inside the trailer.

Memorable Moments