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Castle/Kate Beckett

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Kate Beckett
Actor Stana Katic
First Appearance 1x01 - Flowers for Your Grave
Last Appearance
Series Billing Main Cast


Basic Information

  • NYPD detective
  • she is a very big fan of Castle's work.
    • In the first episode she recognizes two murder scenes taken from his books, including one of his less read books.
    • However, she doesn't want him to know.
    • stood in line once for an hour to get Castle to sign her book, before she met him. 1x09
    • in the opening scenes of 1x09 Beckett inadvertently admits that she has an account on Castle's fan site when she chews Castle out for the upcoming Nickie Heat cover.
    • In 1.09, Beckett's former boyfriend asks in a private moment if Castle knows how big of a fan she is, she says no, and he never will.
      • Apparently she read his books to help get through her mother's death
  • has or had a Harley softtail (3x03) She worked all through high school to pay for it.
  • has a tattoo that she got during her teenage years (3x10)
  • has a habit of partially relating her rebellious teenage experiences to Castle as he deals with Alexis' teenage experiences, leaving him wanting to know more but a little scared to ask.
  • a bit of a fan of graphic novels.
    • In Vampire Weekend when Castle compared the victim's artwork to early Frank Miller, Beckett asked which Frank, Epic Comic or Dark Horse years
  • Beckett seems to have a reputation in the NYPD for liking strange cases.
    • Espisito: No, but I'm not the one with the thing for freaky ones. (1.01)
    • Speaking of a victim who had been stuffed into a wall safe.
    • Espisito: "Well, let's just say this one's Beckett flavored." 1x07
    • Reads the New York Review of Books.
  • she wears her father's wrist watch and her mother's wedding ring on a chain around her neck. She told Castle once that after her mother's death, her dad started drinking, eventually recovering. She wears the wrist watch and the ring to remember the life she saved, and the life she lost.

Character History

  • Wore braces when she was a kid (3x10)
  • Mother was killed ten years before season 2. Case was never solved. (1x05)
  • Family was somewhat wealthy
  • She grew up in Manhattan (1x01)
  • Spent hours watching Saved by the Bell re-runs (2x22)
  • Studied french in high school
  • Dated a guitarist in a grunge band for seven months, med student, french guy (2x22)
  • Worked as a model for a summer when she was 17 (2x03)
  • Roommate freshman year was Debbie Winnacker, a pageant contestant (3x23)
  • Semester in Kiev between junior and senior year, learned to speak Russian (2x01)
  • Mike Royce was her trainer when she got out of the academy. (3x03)
  • after she joined the force, she spent the first three years working her mother's case before she (with therapy) realized it was an unhealthy obsession and let it go.
  • Dated FBI Agent Will Sorenson for six months some time before the series started. They met on a kidnapping case of a six year old boy. They caught the kidnapper but the boy was killed. When Sorenson left for a promotion in Boston Beckett realized she didn't want to spend her life following him around, sacrificing her career to his. 1x09
  • Took a semester of economics at NYU (3x09)
  • Has been a bride's maid 6 times (2x12)

Memorable Moments