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Premiere February 15, 1970
Finale April 4, 1971
Creator Richard Carpenter
Network/Provider ITV
Style 60-minute sci-fi adventure
Company London Weekend Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin UK

Catweazle is an adventure series that aired on ITV. The title character is an 18th century sorcerer, but not a very adept one. One day he is being chased by a troop of Norman soldiers, in an effort to escape he casts a Spell of Flight, but he as usual mis-casts and the spell shoots him into the late 20th century, 1970 to be exact. Here he meets a young boy, Edward Bennet, known locally as "Carrot", who befriends him, and generally tries to keep him out of trouble. Catweazle lives in Castle Saburac, a local castle, with his familiar - a toad called Touchwood, until he can figure out a way to get back to his own time.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Geoffrey Bayldon Catweazle 1 2
Robin Davies Edward "Carrot" Bennet 1
Gary Warren Cedric Collingford 2
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Charles Tingwell Mr. Bennet 1
Sam Woodyard Neil McCarthy 1
Moray Watson Lord Collingford 2
Peter Butterworth Groome 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One February 15, 1970 May 10, 1970 13
Season Two January 10, 1971 April 4, 1971 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series: Region 2
The Complete Series October 3, 2005 4


Season Sets: Region 2
The Complete First Series May 23, 2005 2


The Complete Second Series August 29, 2005 2


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