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Charmed/Billie Jenkins

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Billie Jenkins
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Actor Kaley Cuoco
First Appearance
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Basic Information

Billie Jenkins is a witch with the powers of telekinesis and projection, the latter being the ability to alter reality with the utmost concentration. She was also known as the Ultimate Power to the Triad, who wanted to utilize her power to eradicate good magic via destroying the Charmed Ones. She is the younger sister of Christy Jenkins.

Character History

When Billie first appeared in the Season Eight premiere of Charmed, she divided her time between being a full-time college student and a demon hunter of sorts, donning vinyl attire, black sunglasses and a black wig as a disguise while in pursuit of said demons. Her activity led to alerting Paige Matthews of her status as the Charmed One's charge. After being tortured by the White Rabbit and Haas in an Alice in Wonderland-esque prison, the Charmed Ones came to her aid and the women made a deal with each other: Billie would help keep the Charmed Ones' secret (the trio had been faking their deaths) provided that they teach her the ways of the craft.

This only lasted for a couple of weeks before the Charmed Ones came out of hiding, but they continued to help her learn everything that they knew. Soon afterwards, Billie started to get horrific nightmares about a demon clawing through her bedroom and kidnapping her older sister, only to realize that these visions were actually a repressed memory from fifteen years earlier. At that point, Billie made it her mission to find out what happened to her sister.

Having no luck, Billie invited her parents to the Halliwell Manor so that she could get more information from her sister's disappearance. Nothing came of it, except building stress between herself and her parents. As a result of this, she came to know about her power of projection, which she unintentionally used to transform her mother and father into assassins. Once she undid this mess, Billie learned that she inherited her power through her maternal grandmother, who was a witch (though Billie's mother wasn't one herself).

Through training by Lo Pao in Chinatown, Billie was able to transport herself to where Christy was being held and took her back to the Manor. Little that she knew was that Christy was now working for the Triad and intended on converting Billie to the dark side to eliminate the Charmed Ones. It took considerable effort to turn Billie and eventually, she gave in under the false pretense that the Charmed Ones were the real threat to all magic.

Her union with her sister proved to be a powerful one, for they killed an unvanquishable demon with their combined power. When it came time for the final battle, Billie and Christy summoned the Hollow so that they could have the upper hand against the Charmed Ones. However, the Charmed Ones had also summoned the Hollow at the same time as they did, leaving both sisterhoods with equal amounts of power. After the Jenkins threw streams of fire to counteract the Halliwells' lightning, the energy built up and blew up Halliwell Manor, claiming the lives of Christy, Phoebe and Paige. Billie narrowly escaped and went to Dumain for guidance in bringing back her sister. She accomplished this by travelling back in time and attempting to stop her past self from engaging in the explosive battle. Luckily, a future Piper came and the Hollow left their bodies before the building could blow up. Future Billie merged with Present Billie and came upon the realization that Dumain had been playing them; the big battle was meant to eliminate all five witches and allow the Triad dominance over the world. Feeling that her sister was far too gone into evil, Billie rejoined the Charmed Ones and vanquished the Triad, Dumain and, much to Billie's chagrin, Christy.

After this fight, the Charmed Ones left without Billie and it is uncertain how long they stay away from each other. It should be worth mentioning that in the future, Billie is the nanny of Phoebe's children.

Memorable Moments



"I'm so tired of this destiny crap!"