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Victor Bennet
Actors Tony Denison
James Read
First Appearance 1x3 - Tony Denison
3x10 - James Read
Last Appearance 8x22
Series Billing Recurring
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Basic Information

Character History


His last name was changed 4 times. During the first season his name was to be Victor Halliwell, During season 2 it was seen as Jones, and in season 3 when James Read took over the role it became Bennet. Eventually it became Bennett with two t's


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  2. 3x10 - We All Scream For Ice Cream (James Read take over the role as Victor Bennet(later Bennett))
  3. 3x14 - The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
  4. 3x15 - Just Harried
  5. 4x01 - Charmed Again
  6. 4x15 - Marry-Go-Round
  7. 5x07 - Sympathy For the Demon
  8. 5x15 - The Day Magic Died
  9. 6x17 - Hyde School Reunion
  10. 7x03 - Cheaper by The Coven
  11. 7x22 - Something Wicca This Way Goes
  12. 8x01 - Charmed and Still Kicking
  13. 8x21 - Kill Billie: Vol. 2
  14. 8x22 - Forever Charmed

Memorable Moments