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Chicago Med/Season Nine

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Season Nine
Chicago Med
Season Premiere January 17, 2024
Season Finale May 22, 2024
Episode Count 13



Season Eight


Season Ten

Season Nine of Chicago Med premiered on January 17, 2024.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
164 1 Row Row Row Your Boat on a Rocky Sea Diane Frolov &
Andrew Schneider
Anna Dokoza January 17, 2024 6.927M 0.61%
When the E.D. is flooded with patients from a crash, the entire team is pulled in to help. Charles can't shake the feeling that he knows the new E.D. attending. Archer has second thoughts on the eve of his kidney transplant.
165 2 This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us Stephen Hootstein &
Danny Weiss
Tess Malone January 24, 2024 6.607M 0.56%
A woman from Archer's past returns and threatens his transplant surgery. Marcel clashes with Med's new eager first-year resident. Charles works to repair his relationship with Ripley.
Teleplay by Stephen Hootstein
166 3 What Happens in the Dark Always Comes to Light Meridith Friedman Anthony Nardolillo January 31, 2024 6.615M 0.47%
Frustrated with an insurance company, Ahmad takes matters into her own hands, jeopardizing Med's negotiations and Marcel's first day on the board. Charles helps a woman's depressed husband. Asher's first date takes a surprising turn.
167 4 These Are Not the Droids You Are Looking For Eli Talbert Sharon Lewis February 7, 2024 6.447M 0.51%
Goodwin is worried after an accident lands two people close to her in the E.D. Archer returns to Med and treats a man concerned about a family curse. Maggie and Ahmad help a patient on a cross-country road trip.
168 5 I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You Diane Frolov &
Andrew Schneider
Anna Dokoza February 21, 2024 6.398M 0.48%
Goodwin recruits Charles to evaluate her ex-husband's memory. Archer treats one of Sean's peers from the rehab center. Asher treats a woman from a rural clinic whose miscarriage was improperly treated.
169 6 I Told Myself That I Was Done with You Gabriel L. Feinberg &
Ryan Michael Johnson
Michael Pressman February 28, 2024 6.374M 0.52%
Maggie empathizes with a patient whose mother is afraid to consent to her son's risky surgery. Ripley treats someone from his past. Ahmad questions her instincts after her actions have unexpected consequences.
170 7 Step on a Crack and Break Your Mother's Back Danny Weiss &
Lily Dahl
Gonzalo Amat March 20, 2024 6.318M 0.46%
Ripley and Charles treat a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Asher and Archer encounter a woman with a foreign object lodged in her heart. Marcel clashes with the chief of oncology.
171 8 A Penny for Your Thoughts, Dollar for Your Dreams Stephen Hootstein &
Eli Jarmel
Joanna Kerns March 27, 2024 6.03M 0.44%
Archer, Asher and Charles encounter an expecting father who claims he's telepathic and receiving messages from his yet-to-be born son. Ahmad works to thaw out a frozen criminal. Ripley treats Liliana's brother as a favor to Charles.
Teleplay by Stephen Hootstein
172 9 Spin a Yarn, Get Stuck in Your Own String Meridith Friedman &
Ashley Bower
Anna Dokoza April 3, 2024 6.356M 0.46%
Ripley and Charles treat members of a cult. Ahmad's suspension takes an unexpected toll on Marcel. Abrams' 5-month-old son lands in the E.D. under questionable circumstances.
Teleplay by Meridith Friedman
173 10 You Just Might Find You Get What You Need Eli Talbert Bethany Rooney May 1, 2024 5.608M 0.4%
Maggie's budding romance takes flight. After a woman's shocking suicide attempt, Charles searches for answers. Asher works to diagnose a patient who is new to the city and appears with mysterious symptoms.
174 11 I Think There's Something You're Not Telling Me Gabriel L. Feinberg &
Ryan Michael Johnson
Brian Tee May 8, 2024 5.651M 0.43%
Ripley struggles to keep Sully's diagnosis a secret when the latter's pregnant girlfriend comes to Med for help. Johnson works to earn a spot in Med's trauma fellowship. Charles and a medical student treat a bipolar artist.
175 12 Get by with a Little Help from My Friends Danny Weiss &
Lily Dahl
Jonathan Brown May 15, 2024 5.487M 0.44%
An infection threatens Marcel's risky liver transplant. Maggie and Charles help a struggling burn unit nurse. Goodwin is forced to make a tough decision about Bert's future.
176 13 I Think I Know You, but Do I Really? Diane Frolov &
Andrew Schneider
Anna Dokoza May 22, 2024 5.489M 0.4%
Ripley and Charles treat a high-risk prisoner who may have dementia. Archer and Sean clash when a resident from Margo's facility lands in the E.D. Marcel receives shocking news.

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