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Colonel Bleep

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Colonel Bleep
Colonel Bleep.jpg
Premiere 1957
Finale 1960
Creator Robert D. Buchanan
Network/Provider First-run syndication
Style 3 to 6-minute animated sci-fi adventure
Company Soundac Studios
Seasons 3
Episodes 104
Origin USA

Colonel Bleep is an animated sci-fi adventure series aired in first-run syndication from 1957 to 1960.



Noah Tyler


Season  Premiere Finale #
First-run syndication
Season One 1957 1958
Season Two 1958 1959
Season Three 1959 1960


DVD Releases

There are no official DVD releases for this show; the master film elements for Colonel Bleep vanished in the early 1970s when the van in which the masters were being stored was stolen by car thieves and were never recovered, while the program lapsed into the public domain in 1985 when its copyright expired without being renewed. Unofficial DVD releases containing surviving episodes from the series (all obtained from secondhand sources, including TV stations and private collectors) have been released over the years, including a 2005 23-episode DVD release from Alpha Video titled Colonel Bleep Volume 1, while other previously-lost episodes have been uploaded to YouTube and the Internet Archive.

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