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DHX Media
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Founded 2006
President Steven Denure (President / CEO)
Notable Works

DHX Media Ltd. (formerly known as Decode Halifax Media) is a Canadian media production company founded in 2006 by the merger of Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film Company.



The DHX name derives itself with the combination of the Decode name and the Halifax name from the 2006 merger. Within the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, DHX started acquiring several Canadian companies. On December 25, 2007, DHX acquired Studio B Productions, then Bulldog Interactive Fitness on March 25, 2008. On September 8, 2010, all related subsidiaries were rebranded under the DHX label, which then led to the acquisition of WildBrain on September 14, 2010.

On August 20, 2012, DHX announced that they would acquire Cookie Jar Entertainment for $111 million. This deal made DHX the world's largest independent owner of children's television. However, the acquisition closed on October 22, 2012, and the two companies merged.

On November 28, 2013, the company announced that they would acquire four kid-oriented television channels from the former Astral Media for $170 million. The acquisition included Family, the English and French-language versions of Disney Junior, and Disney XD. Each network was being sold as part of Bell Media's 2013 acquisition of Astral Media. The purchase of the four networks marked DHX's first foray into TV broadcasting.

Five months after acquiring the four networks, DHX acquired Epitome Pictures.

Subsidiaries and Divisions


  • DHX Brands
  • DHX Interactive
  • DHX Television
  • DHX Cookie Jar



List of shows produced by DHX Media

This list shows programs that were originally produced by DHX.

Title Format Network Years
Rastamouse Animated children's Cbeebies 2011–present
SheZow Animated action comedy Network Ten 2012–2013
Ella the Elephant Animated children's TVOKids 2013–2014
Packages from Planet X Animated sci-fi comedy Teletoon 2013–2014
Disney XD
Sheriff Callie's Wild West Animated children's western comedy Disney Junior 2014–present

Studio B Productions/DHX Media Vancouver

This list shows programs that were produced by Studio B Productions before the acquisition.

Title Format Network Years
Martha Speaks Animated children's educational PBS Kids 2008–present
Kid vs. Kat Animated action comedy YTV 2008–2011
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Animated fantasy comedy Hub Network 2010–2014
Discovery Family 2015–present
Pound Puppies Animated comedy Hub Network 2010–2013
Littlest Pet Shop Animated comedy Hub Network 2012–2014
Discovery Family 2014–2016
Johnny Test Animated action comedy Teletoon 2013–2014

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