Da Vinci's Inquest/All Tricked Up

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All Tricked Up
Season 3, Episode 8
Airdate November 29, 2000
Written by Frank Borg,
Alan DiFiore,
Chris Haddock,
Esta Spalding
Directed by Lee Knippelberg
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Better Broke Than Naked
Da Vinci's InquestSeason Three

All Tricked Up is the eighth episode of the third season of Da Vinci's Inquest, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Dominic Da Vinci), Suleka Mathew (Dr. Sunita "Sunny" Ramen), Gerard Plunkett (Chief Coroner Bob Kelly), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Sergeant Sheila Kurtz), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Leo Shannon), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Ian Tracey (Detective Mick Leary), Gwynyth Walsh (Dr. Patricia Da Vinci)

Guest Starring: Ellie Harvie (Jessica), Alex Diakun (Chick Savoy), Sarah Strange (Helen), Walter Marsh (Darryl Morris), Peter Grasso (Mr. Grasso), Barry Kennedy (Bobby), Nadia Capone (Suzanne Reilly), Nathaniel DeVeaux (Morris Steadman)

Co-Starring: Patrick Keating (Customs Officer), Terence Kelly (Whiteside), Henry O. Watson (Super), Tuan Phan (Jimmy), Jeff Seymour (Dave), Al Murdoch (Grizzlies Announcer)

Uncredited: Noah Beggs (Phil Wilkins)


Plot Overview

A girl is found dead in a trunk, having pulled a "Houdini" in order to be shipped into Canada.

Leo and Mick investigate the death of a pool player burned along with his car.



  • Dutch Mason - "Hock My Ring"
  • Rosco Gordon - "Now You're Gone"

Arc Advancement


  • Steadman shows up at the coroner's office in good shape and asks for a copy of his daughter's autopsy report. Dominic agrees on the condition he goes to see a grief counsellor.
  • Kurtz informs Mick and Leo their car was found by the RMCP out of gas halfway up the Alaskan highway with no sign of their suspect.


  • Sunny tells Mick that someone scratched her car up. She simply thinks it's kids, but he clearly suspects someone else.
  • Leo tells a doctor that his wife suddenly has a lot more energy and likes to go out in the middle of the night and can't stand knowing she's sitting at home waiting on him.
  • Suzanne Reilly shows up for Gabriella's piano lesson, but she's away on the weekend. He then takes her up on the offer to take the lesson.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Leo: I wish for once if somebody's gonna kill somebody that they would do it one spot, not just a little bit on this end of town and a little bit on the other end of the town. You know what I mean? Just, like, make up your mind.
Mick: You should send out a memo, Leo.
Leo: Yeah. "Keep your crime scene contained."
  • Dominic: Ship her back?
Kelley: Ship her back.
Dominic: You know what? I could save you a few more bucks if I can send her back in the same box she arrived in. Would you like me to do that?