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Da Vinci's Inquest/Gather Up All the Little People

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Gather Up All the Little People
Da Vinci's Inquest - Gather Up All the Little People.png
Season 4, Episode 12
Airdate January 21, 2002
Written by Larry Campbell &
Stephen E. Miller
Directed by Brad Turner
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Pretend You Didn't See Me
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In the Bear Pit
Da Vinci's InquestSeason Four

Gather Up All the Little People is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Da Vinci's Inquest, and the fifty-first episode overall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Dominic Da Vinci), Suleka Mathew (Dr. Sunita "Sunny" Ramen), Gerard Plunkett (Chief Coroner Bob Kelly), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Sergeant Sheila Kurtz), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Leo Shannon), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Ian Tracey (Detective Mick Leary), Gwynyth Walsh (Dr. Patricia Da Vinci)

Guest Starring: Nancy Sivak (Sarah Mills), Enuka Okuma (Maria), Desiree Zurowski (Mrs. Kauf), John Shaw (Alex Mills), Terry Chen (William Chen), Gary Jones (Dr. Ludlow), Biski Gugushe (Uniform), Vincent Gale (Alfie), Sarah Strange (Helen), Max Martini (Danny Leary)

Co-Starring: Raugi Yu (Junior), Don Wallace (Dr. Wyman), Angela Uyeda (Paramedic)


Plot Overview

A young boy's suicide prompts Dominic to look into a doctor who has had a history of overprescribing patients.

Kurtz puts the pressure on Kosmo to produce results in her undercover investigation.



  • Amos Garrett - "I Ain't Lying"

Arc Advancement


  • Kurtz pressures Kosmo to come up with results, which gives her the idea to offer witness protection to Sarah, which winds her up. With no other option, she pits the Mills against each other, bringing in Alex and having Sarah get the impression he's going to sell her out. Finding her paranoid, Danny manages to get her to tell him what happened, that it was Alex who killed Roberta Vale and her to go along with it. Danny convinces her to go to the house to see if it's been dug up where Kosmo finds her and brings her in and she reveals what happened.
  • Patricia confronts Dr Wyman herself and finds he appears to be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's and has no real memory of performing the tubal ligation. This causes to make an alteration to her genocide theory to "social amnesia".


  • Kurtz takes Mick aside and tells him she's considering changing his partnership and tries to persuade him to do it on his own. She tells him that Leo is at the end of his career, but Mick shows no interest in changing partners.



The Show

  • Once again, Tim McCauley's music in the closing credits is substituted by George Blondheim's own arrangement.
  • The first of two episode to feature a new rendition of the opening main theme.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Dominic: What's that doing for your genocide theory now?
Patricia: Well, I got a new one. I call it social amnesia.
Dominic: You got a new one? Called what, social amnesia?
Patricia: Yeah. Genocide happens, we spend the next couple of generations making sure we forget about it.