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Little Sister (3)
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate October 21, 1998
Written by Chris Haddock
Directed by Anne Wheeler
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Da Vinci's InquestSeason One

Little Sister (3) is the third episode of the first season of Da Vinci's Inquest.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Dominic Da Vinci), Sue Mathew (Dr. Sunita "Sunny" Ramen), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Leo Shannon), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Ian Tracey (Detective Mick Leary), Gwynyth Walsh (Dr. Patricia Da Vinci), Robert Wisden (Chief Coroner Dr. James Flynn)

Guest Starring: Kelly Rowan (Dr. Michaela Vera), Eric Peterson (Charlie Josephs), Duncan Fraser (Staff Sgt. Regan), Jewel Staite (Gabriella Da Vinci), Alex Diakun (Chick Savoy), Sarah Strange (Helen), Pamela MacDonald (Norma), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Gloria), Lillian Carlson (Mrs. Josephs), Byron Chief-Moon (Goose Flowers)

Co-Starring: Katharine Isabelle (Audrey), Nicole Robert (Marcie), Campbell Lane (Sidney Wisnuski) Carmen Moore (Forensics Detective) Dawn Roberts (News Announcer)


Plot Overview

With Charlie Josephs the main suspect, everyone begins to tighten their respective investigations to rope him, but only one gets to him first.

In the meantime, a father's suicide accidentally kills his son as well.


Arc Advancement


  • Leo's old partner recalls a girl went missing right across from where Josephs lived. Following up, Dominic learns from his mother that her husband was out in the garage that night and it's surmised that Charlie discovered it and forensics later dig up the girl's body. This is believed to be enough to tie to Josephs and charge him.
  • Leo tells Goose about Josephs killing his sister and that he's under surveillance. The next day, Leo claims to have hurt his hand changing a flat tire and Josephs's dead body is fished out of the river with bruises and cuts on his face.


  • Kosmo notices Mick is still wearing his wedding ring. When she suggests it's sending a message to his subconscious, he claims it's "Don't be the same fool twice."
  • Dominic asks Regan what's going to happen to Leo, adding that if Leo's to ride out his time on a desk, he could use a good investigator.
  • Dominic calls Vera, only to have her husband pick up.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Dominic watches Flynn, who told him to stay away from the case, at a press conference, taking credit for cooperating with the police. Dominic can only watch and call him a prick.


  • Sidney Wisnuski: I hope this helps you out.
Dominic: It's beautiful. What can I do for you?
Sidney Wisnuski: Oh. Catch the prick.
  • Dominic: What'd you find?
Patricia: Uh, worms in the - in the potatoes.
Dominic: In the potatoes? I ate those potatoes.
  • Flynn: (on television) I would like to add that this is a fine example of persistence and cooperation between the police and my office to solve a very complex and disturbing case.
Dominic: (watching) You prick.