Dark Cargo

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Dark Cargo
Creator Adam Reid &
Max Reid
Network YouTube Premium
Style 60-minute thriller drama
Company Counterfeit Pictures,
SEVEN24 Films,
Red Hour Television,
Blackjack Films,
Origin USA / Canada

Dark Cargo is described as a high-octane, cliffhanger-driven, neo-noir thriller set in the big rig cab of Joe Dobbs as he traverses the darkest nights of his life. What begins as a random encounter with a disturbed stranger turns into a race against time, the police, and even more malevolent forces. All the while, Joe just wants to get back to his family.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Chris Messina Joe Dobbs
RJ Cyler Anthony
Heather Lind Ava Sexy



DVD Releases

There are no DVD releases for this show.

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