Death Note

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Death Note
Death Note-Title.jpg
Premiere October 3, 2006
Finale June 26, 2007
Creator manga
Tsugumi Ohba (writer),
Takeshi Obata (illustrator)
Network/Provider Nippon Television
Style 20-minute paranormal anime
Company Madhouse
Seasons 1
Episodes 37 + 1 special
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Death Note is a paranormal anime that aired on Nippon Television.

Shinigami are death gods who observe the human world from above, writing the names of those who should die in their notebooks. When a tricky shinigami by the name of Ryuk decides the shinigami world is too boring, he throws his notebook into the human world, where it is found by a teenager named Light Yagami. After verifying that the book does in fact, kill those whose names are written on its pages, Light sets out on a mission—to rid the world of evildoers by killing them all!

Soon it becomes apparent to the police that someone is targeting criminals for death, so to deal with such an extraordinary case, the world's best detective is called in—L, an eccentric, reclusive shut-in. Thus begins a game of cat-and-mouse between two equally brilliant minds, both with the righteous belief that they are justice.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Mamoru Miyano Light Yagami
Brad Swaile (english voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi L
Alessandro Juliani (english voice)
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Aya Hirano Misa Amane
Shannon Chan-Kent (english voice)
Shidou Nakamura Ryuk
Brian Drummond (english voice)
Kimiko Saito Rem
Colleen Wheeler (english voice)
Naoya Uchida Soichiro Yagami
Chris Britton (english voice)
Ryo Naitou Tota Matsuda
Vincent Tong (english voice)
Kazuya Nakai Kanzo Mogi
John Murphy (english voice)
Keiji Fujiwara Shuichi Aizawa
Trevor Devall (english voice)
Hidenobu Kiuchi Hirokazu Ukita
Jeremy From (english voice)
Hideo Ishikawa Hideki Ide
Brian Dobson (english voice)


Season  Premiere Finale #
Nippon Television
Season One October 3, 2006 June 26, 2007 37
Death Note:R August 31, 2007


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Episode Collections - Sets  (Region 1)
Box Set Volume 1 November 18, 2008 purchase 1
Box Set Volume 2 April 14, 2009 purchase 1
Episode Collections - Volumes  (Region 1)
Original and Uncut 1 November 20, 2007 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 2 December 18, 2007 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 3 February 19, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 4 April 29, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 5 June 24, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 6 August 26, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 7 October 28, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 8 December 30, 2008 purchase 1
Original and Uncut 9 February 24, 2009 purchase 1


Title Release
Volume 1 October 10, 2005 purchase  
Volume 2 November 1, 2005 purchase  
Volume 3 January 3, 2006 purchase  
Volume 4 March 7, 2006 purchase  
Volume 5 May 2, 2006 purchase  
Volume 6 July 5, 2006 purchase  
Volume 7 September 5, 2006 purchase  
Volume 8 November 7, 2006 purchase  
Volume 9 January 2, 2007 purchase  
Volume 10 March 6, 2007 purchase  
Volume 11 May 1, 2007 purchase  
Volume 12 July 3, 2007 purchase  

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