Dino Daycare

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Dino Daycare
Creator Jeff King
Network/Provider Netflix
Style 30-minute children's animated
Company Laughing Wild
Origin USA
This program is currently in development and is subject to be changed or cancelled at any time.
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In a world where the dinosaurs never went extinct – and now live alongside humans – we follow a six-year-old human boy named Cole as he helps out at Dino Daycare, a nursery for baby Dinos of all shapes and sizes. Though Cole might not be as big and strong as his dad, Teddy, or his T-Rex "aunt" Dinah who runs the daycare, he shows us that he's got what it takes to care for Earth's mightiest creatures. Proving that kindness and caring are powerful forms of strength, and that the toughest muscle in our body... is our heart.





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