Distraction (USA)

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Premiere January 18, 2005
Finale April 11, 2006
Host Jimmy Carr
Network/Provider Comedy Central
Style 30-minute comedy game show
Company FremantleMedia North America
Seasons 2
Episodes 28 (2 unaired)
Origin USA

Distraction is a game show that aired on Comedy Central. It is based on the show of the same name from the UK. Hosted by Jimmy Carr, the show pit 4 contestants, usually 2 men and 2 woman, and ask them easy trivia questions while being subjected to painful things such as paintball peltings or electrocution. The person with the lowest score is eliminated until 1 is left.

When a winner is crowned, the winning contestant will win a prize usually valued around $15,000 such as a brand new car, or Televisions and other gadgets. However the prize is not necessarily won just yet. In the final round Jimmy Carr will ask 5 questions, based on a "subject" which is really how they will phrase the questions asked. Each time a question is wrong, the prize will be ruined, either blown up by one of 5 plungers or the losing contestants will smash the part of the car or pour paint over the car. Usually the contestants won't walk away with all 5 questions right.


Season Premiere Finale #
Comedy Central
Season One January 18, 2005 April 5, 2005 14 (2 unaired)
Season Two January 10, 2006 April 11, 2006 14