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ESPN 2.png
Founded October 1, 1993
President George Bodenheimer
Company ESPN Inc.
Notable Series Cold Pizza
Stump the Schwab
ESPN Hollywood
Madden Nation

ESPN2 debuted on October 1, 1993, as a sister station of ESPN. Nicknamed "the deuce," ESPN2 was to be branded as a network for a younger generation of sports fans featuring edgier graphics as well as extreme sports like motocross, snowboarding, and BMX racing.

The original ESPN2 graphics featured the letters "ESPN" in several fonts, one of which was its traditional script, with the only consistency being the '2' that looked like spray painted graffiti. No announcers wore ties and traditional sports had "deuce names", NASCAR was "Hell on Wheels", the National Hockey League was "Fire on Ice", and so on.

The first program on ESPN2 was SportsNight, a sports news hybrid featuring Keith Olbermann and Suzy Kolber. The debut was noted by Olbermann's statement at the beginning of transmission: "Good evening, and welcome to the end of our careers." Several notable ESPN personalities debuted on ESPN2's SportsNight, among them Stuart Scott and Kenny Mayne.

One of several logos from ESPN2's early days
This format was not successful. The so-called MTV Generation was not interested in sports, and traditional sports fans were turned off by the youth gimmick. The channel was then reformatted. ESPN2 now offers much of the same programming as ESPN, often airing spill over programs from "The Mothership". Graphics and announcer dress are nearly the same as ESPN, only using blue where ESPN uses red, plus the addition of the "2" at the end of the logo. The "2" does not feature the signature stripe through the font like the other letters in the logo. ESPN's sports ticker, the "BottomLine", runs at the bottom of the screen and is featured on all ESPN2 programs, whereas ESPN only features the ticker during its highlights programs and at :18 and :58 on the hour during live game coverage. ESPN2 now appears in 65 million homes in the United States.

ESPN2 began transmitting programs in HDTV on its new simulcast channel, ESPN2 HD in mid-2005.