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ESPNU Logo.png
Founded March 4, 2005
President George Bodenheimer
Company ESPN
Notable Series

ESPNU is a television channel that specializes in college sports, and is produced by, affiliated with and owned by parent network ESPN. The network was launched on March 4, 2005 from the Oklahoma State University Campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The network was there to televise their first program which was the Oklahoma State University vs. The University of Texas basketball game.

ESPNU originates out of ESPN's Charlotte, North Carolina offices.


ESPNU currently holds many contracts with college teams and conferences. Many cable and satellite providers, though, do not carry ESPNU, making it difficult for sportfans to see their favorite teams in action. One example of this was in Cincinnati during the annual Crosstown Shootout between UC and XU. Since ESPNU has a contract with the Big East (the conference UC plays in) and the game was played on UC's campus the game was shown on ESPNU, a station few (if any) people around and in Cincinnati get. Many people begged ESPNU to consider also showing the game on a local channel but ESPNU refused, leaving many UC and XU fans in the dark.