FBI: Most Wanted/Season Two

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Season Two
FBI: Most Wanted
Season Premiere November 17, 2020
Season Finale May 25, 2021
Episode Count 15



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Season Three

Season Two of FBI: Most Wanted premiered on November 17, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
15 1 Rampage Richard Sweren Jim McKay November 17, 2020 5.384M 0.6% 202
With COVID devastating the country, two gunmen take out their desperation and rage on the elite class they perceive to be oppressing them as the team attempts to track and stop them. Also, Jess' father returns to his son's life and, although he's brought a new girlfriend, he may not be over his old ways.
16 2 Execute Elizabeth Rinehart Jim McKay November 24, 2020 5.685M 0.7% 201
When a hacker triggers a car crash that kills a family of three, the team races to hunt him down as his ransomware demands escalate and his chilling final target becomes apparent.
17 3 Deconflict Wendy West Elodie Keene December 8, 2020 4.922M 0.5% 203
After witnessing her husband's murder, a woman is kidnapped from her home along with a mysterious stash of money hidden in her floor. When Jess realizes there may be a connection to one of his past cases, the need to find the kidnapper becomes personal.
18 4 Anonymous Spindrift Beck Deran Sarafian January 19, 2021 5.807M 0.56% 204
The team searches for a young woman who is heading down a deadly path of vengeance, using ties to an online radical conspiracy organization to further her cause. Also, Barnes must make a life-changing decision, finding it hard to not let the dark side of her job affect her.
19 5 The Line Dwain Worrell Jean de Segonzac January 26, 2021 6.227M 0.67% 205
After a rogue militia group opens fire on several teenagers crossing the Canadian border into the U.S., the team races to find the ringleader and his final target. Also, Jess' relationship with his father, Byron, reaches a breaking point.
20 6 Dysfunction Melissa Scrivner-Love Jim McKay February 9, 2021 5.635M 0.62% 206
After a robbery gone wrong ends with a murder and kidnapping, the team races to rescue a mother and daughter whose abductors are not what they seem. Also, Crosby enters a new living arrangement.
21 7 Winner Wendy West &
Spindrift Beck
Eric Laneuville March 2, 2021 5.733M 0.49% 207
After a suspect escapes trial and goes on a murder spree, the team partners with his bail bondsperson, Jackie, in order to track him down. Also, Jess continues to struggle with moving forward in his love life.
22 8 Vanished Elizabeth Rinehart Rose Troche March 9, 2021 6.14M 0.55% 208
The team welcomes a new member as they begin their hunt for a repeat offender and the child he kidnapped after murdering the boy's single mother. Also, Jess tries to move past the awkward exchange he had with Sarah during their last encounter.
23 9 One-Zero Richard Sweren &
Dwain Worrell
Tess Malone March 16, 2021 6.257M 0.6% 209
The team chases an unlikely serial killer whose end game takes a shocking turn. Also, Hana returns from medical leave, and Jess and Sarah's relationship continues to evolve.
24 10 Spiderwebs Ticona S. Joy &
D. Dona Le
Carlos Bernard April 6, 2021 6.442M 0.66% 210
After Crosby's old army buddy is attacked in an apparent drug deal gone wrong, the team's quest for answers uncovers a dangerous web of conspiracy. Also, Jess questions his relationship with Sarah after an unexpected encounter.
25 11 Obstruction Melissa Scrivner-Love Ken Girotti April 27, 2021 5.617M 0.57% 211
After a double murder takes place in a small town, the team goes after the vigilante who relies on internet sleuths to exact revenge on suspects in the name of justice. Also, Jess and Sarah's relationship continues to grow, but not everyone approves.
26 12 Criminal Justice Richard Sweren Milena Govich May 4, 2021 5.487M 0.55% 212
When a young man accidentally shoots a cop in self-defense and goes on the run, the team members find themselves in a moral dilemma on the best way to carry out justice. Also, Barnes and her wife struggle with their plans to have another child.
27 13 Toxic Gina Gionfriddo &
Elizabeth Rinehart
Ken Girotti May 11, 2021 5.787M 0.56% 213
The team tracks two brothers set on getting revenge against members of the company that caused their town's environmental destruction. Also, Sarah meets the rest of the LaCroix family, including Jess' sister, Louise.
28 14 Hustler Wendy West &
Spindrift Beck
John Polson May 18, 2021 5.482M 0.52% 214
The team heads to D.C. to protect Ortiz's former informant after a hitman tries to kill her. Also, Sarah helps Jess' family prepares for Byron and Marie's last-minute wedding on Jess' farm.
29 15 Chattaboogie David Hudgins Milena Govich May 25, 2021 5.787M 0.48% 215
Jubal enlists the help of Jess and his team in tracking down an undercover DEA agent who appears to have turned dirty. Sarah wonders if it was a mistake to move in with Jess and Tali so soon.

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